Diamond Stud Earrings Purchase Guide

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Where & How to buy Diamond Stud Earrings?

Diamond stud earrings make for a perfect gift because they are always wearable. Studs are simple, and at the same time elegant and customizable in a number of ways.

Whether you are buying them for yourself or for a friend, take the time to find diamonds that offer quality for your budget. Customize the settings and backs to create earrings that look perfect on whoever wears them.

How to buy Diamond stud earrings

1. Set a budget before you shop: Whenever purchasing a diamond, know that diamond studs can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Before you begin, figure out how much you are willing to spend, and stick to that as you shop. Retailers and salespeople can help you find earrings that offer the best quality for your budget.

Earrings are easy to lose, so you might want to avoid taking home these top quality diamonds.

2. Look for certification on Diamond Quality: You are aware of how popular and expensive diamonds are. You probably realize that when you buy that deal online, you might be getting ripped off.

When analyzing diamond quality, companies often mislabel diamond quality which means that cheap diamond you ordered looks dirty when its in your hand.

International Gemological Institute, Gemological Institute of America & Solitaire Gemological Laboratory, are the three reputed and trustworthy organizations that provide diamond rating scales and certification.

Don’t rush into deals, Cheap earrings can be fake or low quality.

How to buy Diamond stud earrings for your face

3. Pick the Diamond shape you want: Diamond Studs are highly customizable, including their shape. Some common cuts include the princess cut, which is square and the round cut, which is as circular as it sounds. There are other options, like heart, pear, oval and emerald shaped. Jewellers are more than happy to get you a custom shape.

Square and rounded cuts are more common for the reason that two diamonds are needed to make the earrings. It’s very difficult to find two diamonds that can be pear shaped without being noticeably uneven.

Try to match the cut to your facial structure.

Rectangular diamonds are seen on wider faces, whereas rounded diamonds are seen on shorter faces.

4. Select a Diamond Color: White diamonds are the most common option for stud earrings. They are recognizable and look clear even when they are not the highest quality. If you search long enough, you will also find black and yellow diamonds for sale. Its upto which color you want, but remember that earrings are so easy to lose that investing in an expensive color may not be worth the cost.

5. Measuring Diamond Quality: Pick Diamonds cut to look full and shiny: Diamonds are measured by 4Cs, one of which is cut. The rating goes from Excellent to Poor and you want diamonds rated Good. When you choose a diamond, it should be full and radiant. A dull cut will not look appealing.

* The rating should be posted in the official certification
* The shape of the diamond is not as important as the cuts the jeweler has made.


* IGI Diamond Stud Earrings Certificate
* SGL Diamond Stud Earrings Certificate

6. Choose larger carat weights for more visibility: Carat refers to weight and not size, although larger diamonds are typically larger. Earrings 0.5 ct or less make nice everyday earrings. Lower carat earrings are lighter and smaller, but they hide flaws better.

In a larger diamond you may spot flaws right away.

* Diamonds equal in size can look very different in style
* The carat rating is total of all diamonds

7. Look for medium sized quality: Diamonds are rated according to color. D is colorless and Z is yellow or brown. One does not need to spend more on pure colored diamonds. Look for diamonds rated E-F,.Because studs are small and seen at a distance.
Lower rated white diamonds other than EF Color should be avoidable.

8. Pick stones that aren’t rated high on quality: Clarity indicates flaws in the diamond, such as cloudiness or scratches. Top diamonds are flawless, marked IF or VVS ,Near the lower end of the scale are slightly included diamonds. Like with color quality, you can save money by forgoing perfection in favor of diamonds.

Choosing settings and becks for your diamond stud earrings

9. Choosing Settings and Backs:

9.1 Select a metal for the settings: Yellow Gold and white gold are popular and stand out against darker skin. Silver and platinum settings pair well with lighter skin tones

9.2 Select platinum for durability: White gold is actually harder than platinum. Though white gold resists platinum better, any scratches are permanent. Scratches on a platinum cause patina to form, which can be reversed by polishing. Platinum is heavier and more expensive.

White gold is mixed with another metal, which makes it harder than yellow gold

White gold for diamond stud earrings

9.3 Pick smaller earrings to make the diamonds more visible: Metal settings also come in many different styles. The most common style is prongs. Settings provide more security but those with fewer prongs show the diamond better. In addition to prongs, there are martini style settings that show the diamond without full support.

9.4 Choose larger settings for diamond security: Bezel are the other common setting type. The metal surrounds the edge of the diamond so the diamond is hidden behind a less appealing chunk of metal.

9.5 Select push backs for ease of use: You have to find a way to hold your studs in your ears. Push backs are the most popular choice

9.6 Pick clip or lever backs for comfort and security: Theses backs have bars that secure the earring behind your ear. Clips can pinch your skin, causing pain when you keep the earrings in too long.

9.7 Get screw backs for the most security: Screw backs are far more difficult to get in and that’s why the earlobes can be hurt. The backings are thick and require effort to get into place. If your ears can handle it, the extra security is valuable for saving your new earrings.

We hope that the above mentioned inputs will help you choose the right diamond stud earrings for yourself.

Where to buy Diamond Stud Earrings?

You can buy Diamond studs online right here on from our website. You can also visit our 30+ locations across Tamilnadu as well.

We take into consideration the varied taste of all our customers and create market specific designs for Different Parts of India. We take inspiration from timeless classics and new, upcoming trends in the world of jewellery. Themes bring to life a melody of design and a plethora of choice for the diverse tastes of customers all around the world.

Best time to buy diamond stud earrings online

Diamond stud earrings are very popular and one can buy them at any occasion without worrying about its impact on your savings. However, during festive season we offer some additional discounts that you can avail.

So what is stopping you, let start purchasing diamond stud earrings online or Visit any of stores at Thangamayil Jewellery Limited all over Tamilnadu.

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