• Gold Coins in India

    Gold Coins in India

    Gold coins in India have a deeper connection to the soul. The connotation with an inner belief, the value appreciation of 22K gold, The "sikka hai mere paas" feeling, the akshaya tritiya belonging, the dhanteras longing and many more. The craft of building a coin as a jewellery piece is known only to a few, where the skills required are honest and true. This is something you would find and discover in our premium gold coin collection. The Lakshmi coin or the Ganesha coin to name are only a couple but the collection boasts of a variety a delight to savour and browse in luxor. There are also smart reasons to buy gold coins, starting with the most well known one, as gold is the oldest investment historically, and always in demand because of its liquidity prowess.

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  • Decking up your Hands this Wedding Season

    Decking up your Hands this Wedding Season

    The wedding season is upon us again, and as always, it calls for lots of shopping! Weddings are not just a place to celebrate and enjoy with loved ones, but for a lot of women, they are an occasion to also indulge a bit of showing off – and why not! With designers launching their latest collections, jewellery stores bringing out new designs and so many inspiring fashion trends about, women have no dearth of options when it comes to flaunting the best of everything – from clothes to shoes, make-up to jewellery! When it comes to weddings, jewellery is an absolutely necessity – and getting compliments over a beautiful necklace or a gorgeous pair of earrings is something every woman loves. To do this, it’s important to build an enviable collection, and more importantly to keep adding exciting new pieces to it every now and then, and to do something different, once in a while. This wedding season, let your hands do the talking by decking them up with a variety of ornaments. Not just bangles, you’d be surprised at the sheer variety of options that your hands can display!

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  • Bangle Designs for Every Occasion!

    Bangle Designs for Every Occasion!

    Of all ornaments, bangles are the epitome of feminine beauty and splendour. A vital part of every woman’s ‘sringara’, bangles are possibly the only ornament exclusively worn by women, and exalted by poets, writers, painters and philosophers as part of her charm and beauty. In Hindu culture, bangles are one of the ‘Solah Shringar’ i.e. sixteen adornments that every bride wears on her wedding day. Weddings, festivals or special occasions apart, few Indian women are seen without bangles – it’s an ornament that is as much a part of her daily attire as it is on important occasions. Whether you are a young working professional, a newly married woman, an experienced home-maker, a mother or even an elderly matriarch- an enviable bangle-box is every woman’s fantasy as well as birth-right! This post will help you do just that – find gorgeous bangles designs for any and every occasion!

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  • Demonetization -Stripping the currency of the Legal Status

    Demonetization -Stripping the currency of the Legal Status

    History repeats itself and once again India makes a strong stringent move under the able ministry of Mr.Narendra Modi to pull back Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency from the market. It is smart signal to try to end corruption and hoarding of Black money. It’s nothing new that has happened. History has repeated itself .Mr. Narendra Modi’s announcement on 8th December to pull off currency denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes from circulation is indeed a calculated move to eradicate corruption , fake money and black money marketing from the country.

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  • Which Earrings will Best Suit your Face Shape?

    Which Earrings will Best Suit your Face Shape?

    Have you ever seen a pair of earrings online that you absolutely fell in love with, and ordered them only to find out they look far better on the website than they do on you? We’ve all been there. Online shopping, while enjoyable in many ways, can also be a bumpy ride at times! Buying jewellery online can often be quite tricky. Unlike clothes, where you can easily and correctly guess your size, with jewellery – particularly earrings – it can be quite hard to tell what might suit you or not. Every face is different. We all have unique features – some have large eyes, some a narrow jawline, still other have full cheeks while a few have prominent cheekbones. The earrings you select need to compliment your face, bringing out your best features. Here’s how to select the best earrings for your face shape.

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  • Earring Designs every Modern Bride Must Have in her Collection

    Earring Designs every Modern Bride Must Have in her Collection

    Earrings are an ornament that no woman can do without. Amongst Hindus in particular, it’s almost considered sacrilege for a woman to not wear earrings, and ear-piercing is an important and sacred ritual practically all Hindu infants have to go through. Earrings are often the first ornament we wear, and also the most popular. Needless to say, they are an extremely important part of every woman’s jewellery box – especially a bride’s. While it’s true that we can never have enough clothes or earrings – there are definitely some pieces each bride MUST have in her wedding jewellery collection. Wedding jewellery, along with being exquisite (and expensive) is also exceptionally memorable. This is the jewellery you’ll wear on the most important day of your life and it will be with you the longest. So it’s very important that you pick the best pieces for yourself!

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  • Your guide to modern, minimalist, work-wear jewellery

    Your guide to modern, minimalist, work-wear jewellery

    Who doesn’t love jewellery? Every woman enjoys buying, wearing and flaunting her jewellery – whether at weddings, religious ceremonies or any important event. It is a valuable possession – not just because of its worth, but because of how intrinsically tied it is to our lives. It is an extension of who we are, a way to express ourselves and a part of every important occasion or celebration in our life. Truly, no celebration is complete without jewellery. However, these days, precious jewellery is not just reserved for special events – it is slowly becoming a part of our daily life. With more and more women becoming savvy and fashionable independent professionals, precious jewellery in contemporary and minimalistic designs is becoming a favourite!

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  • Ivory and Gold – The Ever-Elegant Malayali Bride!

    Ivory and Gold – The Ever-Elegant Malayali Bride!

    Among South Indian brides, few stand out on their wedding day the way a Malayali bride does! Dressed in a simple and yet elegant ivory Kasavu saree with gold borders, garlands of jasmine (malligai-poo) in her hair and bedecked in gold – she makes for a very striking picture indeed!

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  • Tamil Brahmin Bridal Jewellery

    Tamil Brahmin Bridal Jewellery

    Indians love their gold – and nowhere is this love displayed with more fervour than at Indian weddings – more so at south Indian weddings. Compared to their northern counterparts, south Indian weddings are subdued in terms of pomp and show. However, one look at a south Indian bride and you will know they take their weddings seriously! A south Indian bride is decked out in the finest of silks and the most ornate jewellery, making her look a royal princess. Not only that, while the wedding festivities may not seem like a grandiose spectacle, they are every bit a rich and classy affair – what with all the women donning their best, heaviest, most vibrant Kancheepuram silk sarees and traditional pure gold jewellery. And while the jewellery of every south Indian state has its own charm, the Tamil Brahmin bride has today become synonymous with the ‘south Indian bride’. So let’s take a closer look into the Tamil Brahmin bride’s jewellery box.

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  • Gold in Ancient Cultures

    Gold in Ancient Cultures

    Though it is hard to accurately pin-point when and who exactly discovered gold, history tells us that civilizations as early as the 4th millennia BC understood, appreciated and even coveted the precious metal; using it as jewellery and a status symbol and also treating it sacred. While it is true that metals like iron and copper have had far more practical uses to civilizations, and seeded much of their industrial progress – Gold has had a more defining and long-lasting impact, shaping our history more than any other metal.

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