Bangle Designs for Every Occasion!

Bangle Designs for Every Occasion!
Of all ornaments, bangles are the epitome of feminine beauty and splendour. A vital part of every woman’s ‘sringara’, bangles are possibly the only ornament exclusively worn by women, and exalted by poets, writers, painters and philosophers as part of her charm and beauty.

In Hindu culture, bangles are one of the ‘Solah Shringar’ i.e. sixteen adornments that every bride wears on her wedding day. Weddings, festivals or special occasions apart, few Indian women are seen without bangles – it’s an ornament that is as much a part of her daily attire as it is on important occasions.

Whether you are a young working professional, a newly married woman, an experienced home-maker, a mother or even an elderly matriarch- an enviable bangle-box is every woman’s fantasy as well as birth-right! This post will help you do just that – find gorgeous bangles designs for any and every occasion!

For Everyday
Just because something is worn every day, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring or typical. Of course, you may not prefer very ornate jewellery while you’re commuting to work or chopping vegetables, but dainty and delicate bangle designs never go out of style! The trick here is to pick out pieces that are immediately striking, but low-maintenance:

001 (6)

(From L to R: Classic Fancy Bangle,Traditional Bangle and Luminous Bangle in 22kt Yellow Gold by Thangamayil Jewellers)

These bangles by Thangamayil are perfect for daily wear. Thin and light-weight – they are very comfortable to wear even while doing difficult tasks and available in both modern and traditional designs to match sarees and/or kurtis. The sharp designs accentuate the glimmer of the metal, while the smooth surface ensures your bangles are not caught in fabrics, or chafe against your wrists as you work.

If you want to up your style quotient a bit more, you can opt for Rhodium plated or cut-work bangles. These look immensely stylish, while still being easy to care for and comfortable to wear.

002 (6)

(Left: Classic Fancy Bangle, Right: Cynosure Bangle in 22k Yellow Gold by Thangamayil Jewellers)

These bangles are great for when you’re entertaining guests at home, or want to make an impression at the office. Rhodium or white-gold accents on bangles are also a great substitute for diamonds. They look just as striking, but are a lot sturdier and easy to maintain than diamond studded bangles.

For Special Occasions
Whether it’s a dinner party or a birthday party – or simply a family get-together, a pair of gorgeous bangles will certainly add a touch of glamour to your attire!
For parties and functions, thicker bangles with more ornate craftsmanship are your go-to accessory. How thick you want your bangle to be depends entirely on your personal style and what type of look you want to create.
If you want a muted, elegant look, then these medium-thick bangles in eye-catching designs will be a great match to kurtis and salwars:

003 (5)

Impressive enough to wear as standalone pieces, these bangles don’t need anything else to add to their beauty. Choose a traditional design to go with your saree, or a contemporary one for your kurtis or anarkalis. Add a pop of colour with a minakari or lac-embossed bangle or opt for unique shapes and textures to stand apart – there’s no dearth of variety or options!

Ideally, one contemporary pair and one traditional minakari pair of bangles is an absolute must-have in your bangle-box!

For Weddings and Festivals
This is the time your wrists should be seen in all their splendid golden glory! Fancy kadas, large bangles, bangle sets, mixing and matching – the varieties are endless!
A pair of thick ornate bangles with intricate detailing, cut-work or studded with gems or embossed with minakari look absolutely resplendent, and are indispensible for wedding functions. You can pair these with thinner bangles between two thick bangles to create an entire set and get a royal and rich look that will go perfectly with your kanjeevaram saree!

004 (5)

(Fancy Bangles in 22k Gold by Thangamayil Jewellers)

Another option, if you want to create a more modern look, is a single kada or statement bangle. This bangle doesn’t need any other embellishment – its rich appeal is evident in its size and craftsmanship. These are worn on a single wrist, generally with an ornate wristwatch accompanying them on the other wrist or a beautiful cocktail ring.

006 (2)

(Ornate kadas by Thangamayil Jewellers)

Unlike bangles, kadas can be opened and closed with the help of a pin-and-clasp mechanism, making them easier to wear. A single kada can instantly uplift your entire look – conveying class, modernity and elegance all at once!
Young women who want to make a fashion statement with their wrists can opt for cuffs. Like kadas, these are also worn on a single wrist, but stand out because of their unique shape and design.

007 (2)

(Contemporary Cuffs in different styles and designs by Thangamayil Jewellers)

Quick tips for wearing bangles

  • Complement your gold bangles with colourful metal bangles that match your outfit. Try out different combinations and arrangements to get the best look for your wrists.
  • The thinner your bangle, the more light-weight it will be, and the more comfortable it will feel. If you’re regular working with your hands, thin bangles are a better choice over thick ones.
  • Diamond studded bangles need to be handled with extra care. Choose pressure-setting over prong-setting for added support and strength to the gems to ensure they do not get dislodged.
  • Slip bangles on and off using a solution of a mild facewash and water. This prevents any chafing against the skin or any damage to the bangle.
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