• Various payment options of the 21st century

    Various payment options of the 21st century

    As well known to many internet users, following are the modern day payment options presented by the digital world. You can purchase jewellery online via a wide range of payment methods. The blog post intends to educate a layman and provide him with good insights into the various methods.

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  • Health Benefits of Wearing Gold Rings

    Health Benefits of Wearing Gold Rings

    Why do we wear gold jewellery? There are many answers to this question and there's no wrong one! While the most common reason might be to make a fashion statement or as a testament to one's financial status, you'll be surprised to know there are some unique ones too. One of these reasons is for the health benefits gold jewellery offers. The warm, energising colour of gold itself is enough for people to believe that it possesses physical, as well as spiritual healing properties. But there are several more reasons to regard this precious metal as beneficial to your health.

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  • Gold Haram Designs

    Gold Haram Designs

    Every woman loves to dazzle in resplendent gold necklace, whether it is to be the apple of all eyes at her own wedding or to catch attention at a best friend’s wedding. The lure of traditional motifs and designs still stands strong, especially for rituals and festivals of traditional significance such as weddings and religious ceremonies. Not even the trendiest of neckpieces can beat the charm of an intricately woven gold malai or gold chain- a lovely expression of all the worldly beauty in a single ornament for the neck.

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  • Significance of Aadi Peruku

    Significance of Aadi Peruku

    The month of Aadi assumes significance in light of onset of monsoon and religious observances. Aadi Perukku, a festival of prosperity and good fortune, falls on the 18th of Aadi month. There is an unrelenting faith in the amazing returns brought about by this highly auspicious day in regards to a new beginning, pooja or a purchase. An act of charity on the day will fetch multi-fold benefits. People pay a visit to the jewellers across the state in large numbers to secure Gold, on this momentous occasion.

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  • Gold Rings Online Shopping

    Gold Rings Online Shopping

    Have you come across anybody who doesn’t love gold rings? “Hardly” would be the answer that would immediately follow. It’s glamour attracts kids-baby girls and baby boys too. In fact, Gold rings are the most suitable ornament for articulation of your love! Love need not always imply a romantic relationship - It also connotes the the relationship between a mother and her children; two friends; uncle and his nephew; siblings etc. Rings can also be considered as an extension of one’s personality. Valmiki Ramayana narrates the sequence of events of “Sundara Kanda” in which Lord Hanuman, the messenger of Shri Ram, hands over a gold ring given by his lord to Sita Devi,as an icon of Rama's eternal love for his consort and to provide a ray of hope for the divine mother who was in a state of desperation.

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  • Gold Chain For Women

    Gold Chain For Women

    When it comes to wearing a gold chain, cutting across the genders, attraction seems to be equally split. There are Gold chains for women, men and unisex I.e., chains which are common to both genders. There is no wonder that women fall in love with this piece of jewellery as it is ideal for daily wear.

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  • Thali Chain Models

    Thali Chain Models

    The relationship between a male and female in the context of marriage is a divine and unique one which is further graced by rich culture and traditions. The bride and groom exchange vows amid vedic hymns wearing premium category of wedding suite. Gifts, Elaborate jewellery adorning the bride from forehead to toe, meticulously planned food, decoration of marriage hall and other arrangements make the occasion an extravaganza.

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  • Why Does Everyone Buy Gold on Akshaya Tritiya?

    Why Does Everyone Buy Gold on Akshaya Tritiya?

    A word derived from Sanskrit, Akshaya means which never diminishes. This has given rise to the popular custom of starting a new venture, investing in real estate or gold, or donating for poor and needy. It is believed that any task or investment that is done on Akshaya Tritiya will never diminish and is sure to grow, endowing us with good fortune.

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  • Choosing to wear a ring with stone

    Choosing to wear a ring with stone

    Most people who prefer to wear rings studded with precious stones or semi precious stones purchase one driven by belief in horoscopes. Let’s first be clear of the governing classification.The gemstones which are deemed to be precious include diamond, ruby, sapphire and emarald. All other navaratna stones will fall under the category of semi precious stones.

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  • Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Gold Bullion Bars

    Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Gold Bullion Bars

    In your investment portfolio, you need to ensure at least little bit of stability to counterbalance possible loss. Experts recommend investing 10 to 20 percent of your total investment portfolio in gold. India is one of the world’s largest consumer of gold bullion...

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