• Scientific reason behind ear piercing

    Scientific reason behind ear piercing

    Most of our customs have a scientific base and cannot be looked down upon. One such spiritual ceremony is ear piercing, which normally is carried out on the odd years of the child. In fact, ear piercing is considered complete only when a earring lends beauty to the ear rather leaving behind a hole in it paving way for others to question. Whenever we think of our glorious culture, we think of Gold...

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  • Here’s How You Can Invest in Gold Coins in India

    Here’s How You Can Invest in Gold Coins in India

    The beloved yellow metal, gold, has been one of the most sought after possessions since generations. Even in the present economic setup which is based on paper currency, gold hasn’t lost its shine and is considered one of the most reliable investment options by most. India is the biggest consumer of gold in the world. While most of it is in the form of jewellery; if you are looking to buy gold for investment, a gold coin on a bullion bar would be the preferred form, due to their good resale value. Gold bars cost more because of their size, while gold coins that come in smaller denominations, and are more affordable.

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Gold Coins

    5 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Gold Coins

    If you are an Indian, then the lure of gold needs no explanation to you. No wedding, no occasion is complete without the glitter of gold. However, what about the uses of its more practical form – the shiny venerated gold coin. Did you know that gold coins were a medium of commerce for several centuries before they were completely stopped as a token of currency in 1933. When paper currency made its appearance in the 11th century in China they initially denoted the worth of the physical coins. Gradually, it moved away from the validation of physical metal. Gold however, still carries its weight in gold in commerce!

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  • How to Carry Off Statement Jewellery

    How to Carry Off Statement Jewellery

    Have you ever seen a piece of statement jewellery that you absolutely loved but didn’t know where to wear? Ever looked at a gorgeous pair of earrings and thought to yourself, “But will it suit me?” If the first thing that occurs to you when you want to buy a heavy necklace is: ‘Will I be able to carry it off?’ then this article is just for you.

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  • 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Jewellery for a Man

    5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Jewellery for a Man

    Women love Jewellery, that’s no secret, BUT, as it turns out, there are a lot of men that also have quite a weakness for some bling! While men’s indulgences are generally thought of as being limited to automobiles, gadgets and watches – an item of fine jewellery is certainly something men of good taste like to sport, especially at special occasions like weddings and festivities. And why not, in a country where gold is a must-have for every celebration – why should women have all the fun? If you’re thinking of gifting a man jewellery – think no more, we’re here to help! With our tips and advice, you are sure to make your dad, brother, husband or fiancé extremely happy with your thoughtful gesture!

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  • Gold Coins in India

    Gold Coins in India

    Gold coins in India have a deeper connection to the soul. The connotation with an inner belief, the value appreciation of 22K gold, The "sikka hai mere paas" feeling, the akshaya tritiya belonging, the dhanteras longing and many more. Gold coins are always, in high demand for their ability to be easily converted into cash.

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  • Decking up your Hands this Wedding Season

    Decking up your Hands this Wedding Season

    The wedding season is upon us again, and as always, it calls for lots of shopping! Weddings are not just a place to celebrate and enjoy with loved ones, but for a lot of women, they are an occasion to also indulge a bit of showing off – and why not! With designers launching their latest collections, jewellery stores bringing out new designs and so many inspiring fashion trends about, women have no dearth of options when it comes to flaunting the best of everything – from clothes to shoes, make-up to jewellery! When it comes to weddings, jewellery is an absolutely necessity – and getting compliments over a beautiful necklace or a gorgeous pair of earrings is something every woman loves. To do this, it’s important to build an enviable collection, and more importantly to keep adding exciting new pieces to it every now and then, and to do something different, once in a while. This wedding season, let your hands do the talking by decking them up with a variety of ornaments. Not just bangles, you’d be surprised at the sheer variety of options that your hands can display!

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  • Bangle Designs for Every Occasion!

    Bangle Designs for Every Occasion!

    Of all ornaments, bangles are the epitome of feminine beauty and splendour. A vital part of every woman’s ‘sringara’, bangles are possibly the only ornament exclusively worn by women, and exalted by poets, writers, painters and philosophers as part of her charm and beauty. In Hindu culture, bangles are one of the ‘Solah Shringar’ i.e. sixteen adornments that every bride wears on her wedding day.

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  • Demonetization -Stripping the currency of the Legal Status

    Demonetization -Stripping the currency of the Legal Status

    History repeats itself and once again India makes a strong stringent move under the able ministry of Mr.Narendra Modi to pull back Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency from the market. It is smart signal to try to end corruption and hoarding of Black money. It’s nothing new that has happened. History has repeated itself .Mr. Narendra Modi’s announcement on 8th December to pull off currency denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes from circulation is indeed a calculated move to eradicate corruption , fake money and black money marketing from the country.

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  • Which Earrings will Best Suit your Face Shape?

    Which Earrings will Best Suit your Face Shape?

    Have you ever seen a pair of earrings online that you absolutely fell in love with, and ordered them only to find out they look far better on the website than they do on you? We’ve all been there. Online shopping, while enjoyable in many ways, can also be a bumpy ride at times! Buying jewellery online can often be quite tricky. Unlike clothes, where you can easily and correctly guess your size, with jewellery – particularly earrings – it can be quite hard to tell what might suit you or not. Every face is different. We all have unique features – some have large eyes, some a narrow jawline, still other have full cheeks while a few have prominent cheekbones. The earrings you select need to compliment your face, bringing out your best features. Here’s how to select the best earrings for your face shape.

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