• January 31, 2013

    Branch @ Virudhunagar

    The Grand Inauguration of our 31st Showroom was Cheered, Greeted and Supported by the people of Virudhunagar. Honr. VVS.Yogan opened the showroom, Mrs. Rajamallika Yogan, Mrs. Ellora Muthumani, Mrs. Athirstam Ashokan, Mrs. Jamunarani Narayanaswamy, Mrs. Uma Maheswari, Mrs. Malarvizhi Muthu Lighting the KuthuVilakku and Honr. C.Shanmugapriya made the first sale.

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  • January 30, 2013

    Branch @ Villupuram

    The opening of our 30th Showroom was Cheered, Greeted and Supported by the people of Villupuram. Honr. V.V. Guberan Chettiar opened the showroom, Mrs. Dr.N.Shakthi priya Natarajan, Mrs. R.Jeyasudha, Mrs. G.Janani & Mrs. Vasanthi Velmurugan Lighting the KuthuVilakku and Mr. V.V.C. Velmurugan made the first sale.
    Villuppuram is situated on the southern tip of Tamil Nadu. Villupuram district came into existence on 30 September 1993 when it was created out of South Arcot district. Villupuram is the largest district in the state.

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  • January 29, 2013

    Branch @ Eral

    The opening of our 29th Showroom was Cheered, Greeted and Supported by the people of Eral. Honr. A.R.K.A.Karuthapandiya Nadar opened the showroom, Mr.A.Balakrishnan started the first Gold sale and Mr. R.Dhasaratha Pandian started the first Silver sale.
    Eral is a town in the Tuticorin district in the state of Tamil Nadu and is bounded by the Thamirabarani River in the south. Devi NattarAmman Temple, Sowkkai muthaara amman Temple, Muthumalai Amman temple, sivan temple are the few famous temples located in and around Eral.

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  • January 28, 2013

    Branch @ Sankarankoil

    Sankarankovil is home to the famous Sankara Narayanan temple. It is situated at Tirunelveli District and 56 km away from Thirunelveli City. Sankarankovil is the second largest town in the district. It is very famous for "Adi Thabasu" festival. In older times, the city was called as Sankaranayinar kovil.

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  • January 27, 2013

    Branch @ Gopichettipalayam

    Thangamayil Jewellery proudly launching the 27th branch @ Gopichettipalayam on 15th April 2013.
    Gobichettipalayam (also known as Gobi) is the second largest city and urban agglomeration in Erode district. Agriculture and textile industries contribute majorly to the economy of the city. Gobichettipalayam is one of the leading producers of silk cocoon, turmeric, coconut and plantain in the state. A major part of present Gobichettipalayam was previously known as "Veerapandi Gramam", and documents and records still use that name.The city was named after Gobi Chetti, a Vijayanagara Polygar and named as Gobichettipalayam.

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  • January 26, 2013

    Branch @ Sivagangai

    Thangamayil stepped her next feet on the land of Sivagangai on 07th April'2013!!! The opening of our 26th Showroom was Cheered, Greeted and Supported by the people of Sivagangai. Rajapalayam is a town and a special grade municipality in Virudhunagar district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 85 km southwest of Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu. Its main attractions are the Ayyanar Falls and the neighbour town of Srivilliputtur.

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  • January 25, 2013

    Branch @ Tiruppur

    The opening of our 25th Showroom was Cheered, Greeted and Supported by the people of Thiruppur. Honr.Viking.A.C.Eswaran opened the showroom, Mrs.A.Balamani Arunachalam Lighting the KuthuVilakku and Mr. N.Arunachalam made the first sale.
    Tiruppur is a city in the Kongu Nadu region of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Tiruppur is the administrative headquarters of Tiruppur district and the fifth largest urban agglomeration in Tamil Nadu. Located on the banks of Noyyal River, it has been ruled at different times, by the Early Pandyas, Medieval Cholas, Later Cholas, Vijayanagar Empire, Madurai Nayaks, Mysore Kingdom and the British. Tiruppur is a major textile and knit wear hub contributing to 90% of total cotton knit wear exports from India.

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  • January 24, 2013

    Branch @ Udumalaipettai

    Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd., proudly launching its 24th branch @ Udumalaipettai on 14th December'2012.
    Udumalpet town is one of the famous summer resorts of Tamil Nadu.The town is surrounded by hills on three sides and has a good weather throughout the year. Waterfalls in Thirumoorthy hills draw quite a few tourists. Along with Pollachi, it is one of the twin cities separated from Coimbatore.

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  • January 23, 2013

    Branch @ Kovilpatti

    Thangamayil Jewellery proudly launching the 23rd branch @ Kovilpatti on 12th December'2012.
    Kovilpatti is the gateway for entrants to Tirunelveli and Chidambaranar districts from north and west. The town started its developments earlier to 1876. The introduction of Southern Railway, the establishment of Loyal Textiles (1891), establishment of Government of Headquarters Offices (1911), etc., induced the physical growth of the Town.

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  • January 22, 2013

    Branch @ Tirunelveli

    Thangamayil Jewellery proudly launching the 22nd branch @ Tirunelveli on 2nd November'2012.
    Tirunelveli is Situated on the banks of the river Tambraparani, the small town of Thirunelveli was once the capital of the Pandyas, and it has a history that goes back 2000 years. The main attraction of modern-day Thirunelveli, however, is the twin temples of Kanthimathi-Nellaiappar dedicated to Parvati and Shiva respectively.

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