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Diwali Offers on Gold

The festive occasion of much awaited Diwali is round the corner. The entire nation is gearing up fast for the occasion and as we all know the train ticket reservations had already been booked up within a short span of time since the reservation was open to the public. It is a joyous festival that entertains people of all age groups, from kids to elderly people.

People in South India celebrate it with crackers whereas people in northern India celebrate the festival by adorning their house porticos with lamps.It is celebrated commemorating the return of the King Ram, the human form of Lord Vishnu, after 14 years of exile, slaying of demon Narakasura and there is also another belief that it is a day to offer worship to Lord Shiva. Whatever may be the belief, this festival marks the victory of good over evil and is celebrated with great cheer and enthusiasm.

The festive season is celebrated as Dhanteras in north India, wherein a special pooja is offered to Lord Lakshmi and Lord Kuber for ushering in prosperity and wealth. People get to the preparations right from cleaning the house, purchasing new clothes, planning bursting crackers to delight the kids under the supervision of experienced adults, cooking traditional home made sweets, prioritizing to view special programmes aired in the television etc. Nowadays there is another good reason to rejoice with branded jewellery shops announcing enticing offers to complement the joy of the occasion. Elders present jewellery including, but not limited to, Gold rings and coins to the newly wed couple and family members.

A bath before sunrise or shortly after the dawn with oil is believed to cleanse us of the sins accumulated as the holy river Ganga is believed to be invariably present in all water bodies during the early morning muhurtham and Goddess Lakshmi dwells in oil. After the bath, people wear new clothes and jewellery after a brief puja.Your cloths however grand they may look are incomplete without accessorizing them with befitting jewellery. People are becoming increasingly aware of diamond jewellery purchase and the demand for Gold Jewellery encrust with precious diamond stones is on the rise. Buying or gifting jewellery during the auspicious occasion has more or less become a conventional practice these days.

Shopping during Diwali is also becoming increasingly difficult due to the huge rush and monsoonal rains. The road conditions are also not in good health, as usual. These factors may rob the pleasure out of shopping. You can count on the online jewellery shopping portal of branded jewellery such as Thangamayil which provides you the privilege of shopping 24X7 at your leisure time. Kindly make sure if the delivered product has BIS 916 Hallmark seal engraved on it & is accompanied by a certificate which guarantees quality in case of diamond jewellery and examine the product for any damages. You have all the rights to decline the delivered parcel in the event of any discrepancy from the above assured checkpoints. The online shopping makes you eligible for all the benefits offered by conventional shopping. So what holds you back from embracing the recent trend of shopping?

History has it that the festival is a period of importance to other religions too. This fact may be less known. The Pope John Paul II, spiritual leader, performed a Eucharistic ceremony in Indian church wearing a tilak on his forehead and dedicated the mass to the festival of lights. For the Sikhs, the foundation stone of the eminent golden temple was laid on the day of Diwali.So no matter what religion you fall under or believe in, you now have a justified reason to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

We at Thangamayil have a diversified collection of devotional pendants, gold necklaces and gold earrings featuring images of Mahalakshmi as an amulet. You may also explore our recently launched ‘Iraivi collections’ that glorify and beautify women.

In order for the people of India to celebrate the festival with great cheer and enthusiasm, Thangamayil Jewellery has rolled out special bonanza offers for both showroom purchase as well as online purchase. The offers are ongoing and stand valid for an ample but limited period of time. Follow our facebook page and website home page for updates on these festive offers.

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