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Antiquity of Gold Rings

Valmiki Ramayana narrates the sequence of events of “Sundara Kanda” in which Lord Hanuman, the messenger of Shri Ram, hands over a gold ring given by his lord to Sita Devi,as an icon of Rama's eternal love for his consort and to provide a ray of hope for the divine mother who was in a state of desperation. This ring was presented to Lord Ram by his father-in-law at the time of their marriage. Such is the great antiquity associated with gold rings.

Gold ring as a Gift

Have you come across anybody who doesn’t love gold rings? “Hardly” would be the answer that would immediately follow. It’s glamour attracts kids-baby girls and baby boys too. In fact, Gold rings are the most suitable ornament for articulation of your love! Love need not always imply a romantic relationship - It also connotes the the relationship between a mother and her children; two friends; uncle and his nephew; siblings etc. Rings can also be considered as an extension of one’s personality.You can gift a spiritual pendant to the person you adore, if he is characterized by religious devotion even if you do not share the common interests, in this regard to show that you respect his feelings and he occupies a special place in your heart.

Gold Ring Size

When you embark on an online shopping for gold rings, there is an aspect which calls for your attention. It is the determination of the ring size that fits your hand snugly. Attractive options such as free 15 day return policy, easy exchange policy, secure shipping with transit insurance etc., may be provided by jewellers. However it is always wise to possess adequate knowledge before you go about online shopping for gold rings. You may refer to our handy ring size guide which explains the process of measuring the ring size in a simple and clear way.

Gold Ring For Men

The modern men of today are becoming increasingly conscious of their personality and the first impression they strike in the minds of their friends and peers. This taste of them has triggered the proliferation in designs of mens rings along with evolution of womens rings and rings for kids. We also have a remarkable collection of diamond rings with gold as the base metal. In this case 18 KT gold is most preferred as the precious stone is held intact by the base metal(Gold) only when it is at this level of purity.

Gold Ring Designs

Eminent jeweler Thangamayil sells gold rings in a multitude of designs and gold ring models such as plain gold rings, diamond rings, gold rings studded with precious & semi-precious stones, navaratna rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, baby rings etc. Each gemstone ring is associated with a flow of distinct divine energy and can mitigate the ill-effects associated with unfavourable planets in your birth chart. You have a wide variety of choices in terms of gold ring weight such as 1 gram gold ring, 2 gram gold ring, 3 gram gold ring etc upto 7 grams ; gold ring size ranging from 6 to 23.

Convenience of Gold Rings Online Shopping

Don’t be in a haste to zero in on a gold ring design when the choices are plenty. Just sit comfortably after sufficient rest and browse through our wide and varied collections, at your leisure. Consult with your family by adding the designs that impress you to the wishlist thereby making it easy to locate them at a later point of time. You can do this by just hovering the mouse over the products. Few icons appear. Subsequently hover the mouse over these icons. The hover effect text will be self explanatory to guide you.

Embrace the recent trend in online shopping

In a thickly populated and fast growing economy of India,squeezing time out of your hectic professional schedule and personal commitments for showroom purchase may be difficult and tiresome. The recent boom in e-commerce comes to your aid. Our online store is user friendly, simple to use and is known to offer a convenient shopping experience. Hassle-free payment options are provided . It is no wonder that online purchase from Thangamayil has become a rapidly growing trend owing to attractive options such as 15 day return policy, 100 % refund, easy exchange, 24 x 7 customer care with smart and well trained courteous staff.

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