How to Wear Jewellery like a True Fashionista!

Fashion Jewellery

Accessories -- jewellery in particular -- are one of the best and proven ways to amp up your style quotient. The right jewellery can turn a drab outfit glam, and take you from a plain Jane to a diva. And the best part – it’s super easy to do. It doesn’t matter whether you are fair or dark, chubby or slim, tall or short – there are accessories to suit every body, face and personality out there. All you need to know is how to go about it – and that’s what we’re here for!

You don’t always need a fat wallet to have the trendiest jewellery or the most precious baubles out there. Neither do you need to blindly follow styles or the latest fads to look up-to-date. With a little creativity and some quirky ideas, you can transform simple, everyday pieces to unique and charming accessories that are truly special. Of course, you can always choose to keep your source a secret, and let admirers keep wondering where you get your gems from!

Baby Steps

The most primary steps to accessorizing creatively are first to have good taste in jewellery and second, to build a collection that works for you. Knowing what jewellery type suits your face and body and also matches your personality is crucial to being able to carry off different looks beautifully and with confidence. When you know that every single piece in your jewellery box looks great on you – you won’t be afraid to experiment.

Get the Basics in Place

There are a few basic pieces that every woman must own in her jewellery box. For instance, when it comes to earrings Pearl and Diamond Studs, Diamond/Diamante danglers and Jhimkis are some absolute must-have that you simply cannot do without. These are pieces that must be carefully chosen for their quality and craftsmanship, because they will always remain in your collection. Similarly gold chains of different lengths, a kundan set, a diamond/diamante set as well as a solitaire pendant and earrings set are some of the other basics when it comes to necklaces. And to round it off – gold kadas, an impressive wristwatch and a cocktail ring or two for final finishing touches. These basics need to be in place before you can start playing with them.

Same Jewellery, New Looks

You don’t always have to keep buying more ornaments to add to your collection in order to sport a new look. Sometimes, all you need to do is look at the same jewellery differently. For instance,

Wear your Necklace like a Maag-tikka

Like to sport a maang-tikka for your friend’s sangeet but don’t have one? Easy, turn your necklace into a made-to-order jhimki-mattel!

Fashion Necklace

With a black thread tied to the centre piece, anchor the maangtikka to your centre parting, while pining the rest of the necklace onto each side, using bobby pins. You could also try this with a pendant. Remove the chain and use a black thread and bobby pin to secure the tikka in place. Remember to comb your hair over the parting so the thread doesn’t show!

Necklace With Pendant

Mini-jhumkas + Fancy Kadas = A whole new set of bangles!

Jewellery Designs

This one is super easy to do. Wind a small pair of jhimkis around a bangle using a thin piece of copper wire or golden/silver thread. Make sure your jhimkis are lighter than the bangle, else they will fall off.

You can also try colourful cloth latkans to match your outfit instead of jhumkis

Go Boho with Bangles

Fashion a chic bohemian necklace by looping a long chain through a bangle. Ensure that the chain is long enough to reach your midriff and the bangle sits right below your sternum. You can change up colours – use beaded necklaces or bangles of oxidised silver to create an edgier look. If you feel a bangle would be too large for you, try a hoop earring instead

Wear Bangle with Gold Chain

Similarly, drape a long necklace around your wrists a couple of times to wear it like a chunky bracelet.

Necklace As Bracelets

Let your Back do the Talking

Low back necklaces are trendy this season. All you need is a thin gold chain and a cute little pendant, wear it around your neck, just clasp it around the front instead of the back!

Plain White Golden Tee

Too many of us never think of wearing our gold chains or malai on western outfits, relegating them only to festive occasions that call for traditional wear. However, pairing a long gold chain with a simple white tee is all you need to take an everyday look and turn it into a classy outfit!

Simple hacks like these will go a long way in making you look like a true Diva. Start experimenting with little things – a chain here, a bangle there, and soon you will be accessorizing like a pro! Remember to always be true to yourself, and do it for your own enjoyment first, and then to impress others. And as always – less is more! Good luck!

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