Significance of Aadi Peruku

Significance of Aadi Peruku

Significance of Aadi Perukku

The month of Aadi assumes significance in light of onset of monsoon and religious observances. Aadi Perukku, a festival of prosperity and good fortune, falls on the 18th of Aadi month. Aadi peruku festival cannot be confined to the state of Tamilnadu as it is associated with holy rivers Cauvery, Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Vaigai etc. During the course of the month, the flow of water in water bodies is abundant. People offer worship on the banks of river as a mark of gratitude to the rivers for their life sustaining properties. Epics hold that Lord Ram took a ritual bath in Kaveri water, to become cleansed of the sin of killing the Brahmin Ravana. This stands as a best testimony to the noble qualities of water and the significance of Aadi perukku festival.

Amazing returns
There is an unrelenting faith in the amazing returns brought about by this highly auspicious day in regards to a new beginning, pooja or a purchase. An act of charity on the day will fetch multi-fold benefits. People pay a visit to the jewellers across the state in large numbers to secure Gold, on this momentous occasion. The day is not just apt for purchase of gold jewellery, but for all valuable products close to your heart. Prior to the purchase of gold, please lookout for good discounts and claim for it if not advertised to avoid getting hoodwinked by unscrupulous retailers in the name of Aadi Perukku. And do not forget to examine the jewel for the presence of BIS 916 hallmark seal and you have every right in insisting on showing jewels that feature the trademark seal and rejecting those which do not have them.

Offerings and decorations
People who cannot make it to temples, after offering obeisance to turmeric water in home pour it on the plants or sprinkle it over the deities in the pooja shelf. Sakkarai Pongal will be the naivedyam for the occasion. Women draw beautiful kolams in front of the house usually bordered with red 'Kavi’ on this day. The entrance is foliated with mango leaves. A special pooja is performed by garnishing the pooja set with porridge, coconut milk, and Vadai.

The merits of holy rivers
The month of Aadi is recommended for sowing seeds and planting saplings as Varuna Deva starts showering his bountiful blessings in the form of rain. These vegetation tend to thrive better than their counterparts planted in other seasons and can be harvested on the eve of Thai Pongal Celebration in 5 months duration . In our country with rich cultural heritage sacred rivers like Ganga are worshiped with devotion as they have an antique history of being closely related to Lord Vishnu, flowing out from his lotus feet, and Lord Shiva, tangled in his hair so that Bhumi Devi could bear her force.

Life sustaining properties
Even the great tamil scholar Thiruvalluvar, who’s fame had spread across the globe, concedes to the fact that there will be no righteousness in the world if the rains fail and the world cannot exist. In a manner as advocating the above statement, several temples of historical importance have sacred wells and tanks.

The water-ritual is observed not only for receiving materialistic benefits but also to understand the indispensable role played by water in human lives and hence preserve it for passing on to the future generations. Please spare a thought to the reality that water which once was considered to be a renewable source of energy is no more so.

Deep rooted beliefs
Traditionally, there is a belief that young girls who participate in pooja along the river banks by offering Karugamani (black beads), Kaadholai (palm leaves twisted to form earrings) and Kaapparisi will be blessed with good husbands. On the day of Aadi Perukku, women folk worship Goddess Parvati. Different flavours of rice such as sweet Pongal, curd rice, tamarind rice, lemon rice etc. are prepared and furnished to the Goddess with devotion. The devotees take a dip in the sacred water and clad themselves in new clothes. Now a holy bath of Kaveri Amman is performed and the processions continue further.

The Aadi perukku finds a mention in the Silapathikaram too. Many married women throng the Meenakshi temple tank each year on this day to change the thread on their 'thalis' and this crowd covers a remarkable percentage of girls too revealing that our culture is preserved. The husbands sit next to the newly wed women during the change of nuptial knots(thali).

A practical advice
Given the above significance and social celebration of the day, please also do not fail to track the price of 22 and 24 carat gold through media. Most of the jewels are made of 22 carat gold to render stability to the metal. If the price is unfortunately high on the day, consider purchasing coins instead so that you need not pay value added charges. Thangamayil offers a wide range of discounts to cater to the varied needs of people of the south, as it does each year witnessing an ever growing record of sales year by year .

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