Our Business Highlights

The promoters strongly believe, a good jewellery retailer should possess the following qualities to succeed in the South Indian market scenario: Impeccable quality, exquisite variety, excellent customer service, hard-to-beat prices and guaranteed exchange value. Qualities that are at large ingrained at TMJL, from the time of its inception.

a. Quality

TMJL pioneered the quality revolution in Madurai by educating the customers about various government-certified quality aspects such as BIS 916 Hallmark. It was also one of the first institutions to sell only 916-hallmarked jewellery in the market. The company also introduced sophisticated machinery to accurately measure the quality and carat value of jewellery. The measurements are scientific and tamper proof, thereby giving the customer an assurance with regards to the quality of jewellery sold. These initiatives have aided the company in building a sound reputation in the minds of customers.

b. Variety

Home to a range of 7,000 different products across its product lines, TMJL serves as a one stop shop for anyone looking to buy jewellery, either at their store or on the web. Gold jewellery designs are innumerable, handcrafted by the best goldsmiths. The company also strives to satisfy its customers through bespoke orders, where in, the end product can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the customer.

c. Service

With quality and variety taken care of, the company focuses on providing the best possible gold shopping experience to its customers. Aspects such as store location, accessibility, ambience, staff training, etc. are given prime importance to, in the process, providing the customer utmost satisfaction. The company also provides inter-showroom services such as repairing customer's damaged jewellery and exchange facilities, in any of its branches.

d. Price

Synergy optimisation is the key to reduce costs, which in turn affects the price of the product. Centralised management of purchases ensures economy of scale and also helps in reducing logistic costs. The company also provides various savings schemes which protects the customers against fluctuations in gold prices and inflation.

e. Guaranteed exchange policy

The company has a policy of price assurance with respect to the return of products, subject only to changes in underlying metal prices. On the other hand, with the quality aspect guaranteed, the customer can be assured of getting the best price out of his/her investment, whenever required.

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