Social activities (CSR)

Commitment to societal development

We ascertain that our products are responsibly composed, both environmentally and socially; to adorn men and women, to enhance their beauty with pure love and commitment. We also maintain that consumers shouldn‘t have to sacrifice sustainability for luxury or their values for beauty.

Contribution to society through our business

We consider ourselves committed to emphasize confidence in the products we sell, and to the consumers and stakeholders.

Disclosure of information and stakeholder engagement

We believe in transparency all the way through, to make our stakeholders happily involved and investing.

Corporate ethics on human rights in working environment

We strive to create a safe and healthy environment where our business adheres to the rules of corporate governance, following the spirit that has been widely implemented and respect aspects of complete visibility in the workforce.

Environmental citizenship activities

We, at Thangamayil Jewellery are making every attempt to balance ethics with our desire to bring out the best quality jewels. Our intention is to assure customers the ornaments have evolved, at every stage of production, from its design to delivery.

Responsible to the investors, customers, employees and society

We earn the confidence of our customers by fulfilling their expectations. We recognize that our employees, customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders are our biggest assets and our partners.

Contribution to healthy, safe and secure workplaces

We manage and conduct work activities in such a way to ensure, as far as possible, the safety, health and welfare of the entire team of staff or others involved at work.

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