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Placed over a pedestal and encased in a glass column, the vigrahams from Thangamayil make for an excellent gifting object for those near and dear to you. The vigrahams can either be placed inside a showcase to be admired by everyone, or as a deity in the pooja room to offer worship.

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Be it for your own home, workplace or someone else’s, the divine portraits from Thangamayil inspire adoration among various faiths, rendering a classic and aesthetic look to the pooja room. Encased in an ornately decorated frame, the portraits suit any wall or structure, thereby enhancing portability.

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Gift vouchers come handy in cases where recipient is particular and choosy about the gifts they receive and have a preconceived idea. In such cases, you can purchase gift vouchers associated with various prices and pass it over to the intended beneficiary. The beneficiary can purchase any gift or commodity of their choice and the invoice shall be adjusted accordingly.

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