Future Plus

  • Lock the Gold Board Rate at the time of joining
  • One time investment – Starts from Rs. 15000
  • Redeem as Gold Jewellery or Silver Articles
  • Benefit of 75% on Value Addition

Join Now in Future Plus

  • Lock the Gold Board Rate at the time of joining
  • One time investment – Starts from Rs. 15000
  • Redeem as Gold Jewellery or Silver Articles
  • Benefit of 75% on Value Addition

Thangamayil wishes that gold adorns every home as it is one investment that helps households in times of contengencies. To give every household a shining future Thangamayil has designed the Future Plus - Gold saving scheme as a bonanza for customers investing in gold jewellery, that in turn can be redeemed as a trendy jewellery of their dreams.


    Future Plus scheme goes a step ahead in opening up new gateways for the benefit of customers. Yes, you can now book the current market gold rate and buy your jewellery later.

    Salient Features & Benefits

    • One time investment.
    • The minimum investment amount is Rs. 15,000/- with no limitations on the maximum amount.
    • The duration of this scheme is 300 days (10 months).
    • The amount invested will be converted into 22kt gold at the prevailing board rate.
    • Once you enroll in the scheme, you'll be provided with a scheme bond mentioning the investment amount & 22K accumulated gold weight.
    • For the accumulated gold weight at the time of redemption as jewellery , 75% from making charge & wastage applicable on the Jewellery shall be borne by the company and remaining 25% should be paid by the Customer.
    • For the purchased ornaments, over the scheme accumulated gold weight, customer has to pay the prevailing board rate and to bear the remaining wastage & making charges in full.
    • Pay the amount as cash, demand draft, using credit\debit cards or even through online fund transfer at your convenience (service charges may applicable).

    Terms & Conditions

    • The customers investing above Rs. 2 lakhs will be required to submit photocopy of their PAN as per the regulations of Central Government.
    • We do not entertain premature closure of the scheme before 300 days from date of enrollment.
    • This scheme is valid for jewels exhibited in the showroom and doesn’t hold good for jewels on order / customisation.
    • Customers are liable to pay the GST levied by the Central Government.
    • The confirmed board rate will bind the customer for their purchase.
    • Future Plus is a unique scheme and cannot be merged, converted or transferred with either new or existing schemes.
    • Thangamayil reserves every right over the terms and conditions of this scheme and can change the conditions at any time.
    • In case of any change in existing laws, rules, acts, etc., by a Regulatory authority, the necessary requirements have to be complied with, by the customer.
    • Thangamayil Jewellery Limited reserves the right to enforce such a compliance.
    • The deposited amount will not be refunded as cash, in any case.


Can anyone become a member of this scheme? Is any proof required?
  • Showroom customer: Anyone can become a member by providing valid ID proof and phone number.
  • Online customer: Anyone can become a member by providing their email ID, phone number and valid address.

Only individuals are eligible to join the scheme. One can join any number of schemes as he/she chooses. Only those Indian citizens who are not minors as per the act enacted by the Government of India as per the Majority Act of 1875 are eligible to enroll in the scheme.

Can I pay an additional amount later? Is it possible?
No. Future Plus Scheme is an onetime investment plan. You can’t make any additional payment. Instead you can invest the same amount by opening a new account.
How and where should the money be paid?
Please refer to the Payment Guide for detailed instructions on payment methods, both online and offline. Please do remember to bring your scheme passbook/bond whenever you wish to check on or close the scheme.
Is a PAN card mandatory for this scheme?
A PAN card is usually not mandatory. However, in case the investment amount exceeds Rs. 2,00,000/- anytime during the tenure of the plan, a self-attested copy of the PAN card needs to be furnished.
How can the saved gold be redeemed?
The saved gold can be redeemed only through purchase of gold ornaments or silver articles.
How will you calculate the wastage for a product which exceeds the saving scheme amount?
Wastage charges will be applicable only in the event of purchased weight of ornaments exceeding the saving scheme’s accumulated weight corresponding to the confirmed board rate.
Can the paid amount be redeemed in any other way than the above (like cash)?
Redemption is possible only as stated above. Cash redemption cannot be availed.
Can you provide the details on various direct payment methods, in detail?

We care for the layman and see to that payment process doesn’t cause much strain. You can pay through any of our stores, online payments or by bank.

Sl.NoPayment Method
1Payment at Thangamayil Showroom
2Payment at www.thangamayil.com
3Payment via Bank Transfer Account

Please click here to reach the exclusive page on Direct Payments which elucidates the payment mechanism.

Can you provide the details on various online payment methods, in detail?

You may click here to have a glance at the host of online payment methods supported by Thangamayil Jewellery.

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