My Gold

  • Deposit your unappealing jewellery
  • Trendy Gold fills in for out of fashion designs.
  • 11 months duration


My Gold Scheme

  • Deposit your unappealing jewellery
  • Trendy Gold fills in for out of fashion designs.
  • 11 months duration


Gold is considered auspicious and ushers in prosperity. It also tides over inflation, maintains long term value and provides instant liquidity. With such features it is ideal as an investment. Obtain new gold for old gold and stay in tune with current trends.

Salient Features & Benefits

  • One time investment in the form of Gold.
  • Duration of the scheme is 330 days(11 months approximation)
  • The weight of gold(after deduction of collective weight of stones and enamel baked over the metal) shall be credited to the customers account .
  • The company shall grant a bonus of 3% on the balance in customers account by the end of 11th month.
  • The company shall waive off making charges & wastage incurred for customers purchase of gold coin by the end of the scheme!.
  • Customer can choose an ornament even before the scheme elapses and the credit corresponding to the gold deposited shall be adjusted as an advance towards the payment of the ornament featuring new design. Customers can feel free to change the design before full payment towards the final purchase is made.
  • Customers can approach any of our stores to claim the benefits to which they are entitled upon maturity of the scheme.

Terms & Conditions

  • You will be required to deposit a minimum weight of 8 grams of Gold with purity no less than 916 fineness.
  • If the purity of Gold to be deposited is measured to be less than 916 of 1000 parts by Karat Meter, it has to be purified to meet BIS 916 standards before the same could be deposited in the scheme.
  • Minimum lock in period of deposited Gold shall be 150 days.
  • The scheme shall be applicable only to jewels exhibited for sale and not to customized jewels.
  • The gold jewellery / gold coins deposited by the customer would never be returned under any circumstances.
  • For your purchase of gold ornaments upon the completion of the scheme, making charges and wastages shall apply.
  • Your purchase of gold ornament / gold coin / silver articles is to be accompanied by bond sheet to avail the benefits of this scheme.
  • In case of loss of Bond sheet, the customer should obtain a Duplicate bond upon producing a proof of identity recognized by the Government at our store and use the latter for the purchase.
  • If the customer terminates the scheme before maturity period is reached, he is considered ineligible to avail the benefits that the scheme has to offer. In such a case, he can just purchase gold ornament/gold coin/silver articles corresponding to the weight of gold deposited as usual.
  • The scheme is unique and cannot be merged with or linked to previous schemes or forthcoming schemes.
  • Management cannot be held responsible for the market fluctuations in Gold price.
  • There is no likelihood that the gold deposited is encashable to money.
  • Customer cannot claim silver jewellery / gift articles against the accumulated weight of gold in his account(including bonus).
  • It is at the sole discretion of Thangamayil Jewellery Limited to alter, amend, modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions from time to time.
  • By subscribing to this plan, the customer expressly agrees to receive calls, text messages, electronic mails, auto-dialed & pre-recorded calls, messages or mails from TMJL, or from affiliates, marketing partners, agents and others on behalf of TMJL, in connection with the plan, to the contact details provided by the customer.
  • Customers are requested to wind up the scheme at the earliest upon its maturity period by promptly availing the benefits without much delay.
  • Any disputes are subjected to arbitration of the sole arbitrator nominated by the Chamber Arbitration Tribunal (CHAT).


Can anyone become a member of this scheme? Is any proof is required?
  • Showroom customer: Anyone can become a member by providing valid ID proof and phone number.
  • Online customer: Anyone can become a member by providing their email ID, phone number and valid address.

Only individuals are eligible to join the scheme.One can join any number of schemes as he/she chooses. Only those Indian citizens who are not minors as per the act enacted by the Government of India as per the Majority Act of 1875 are eligible to enroll in the scheme.

Can I deposit additional gold at a later stage?

No. Gold Plan is a onetime investment plan. You can only invest during the start of the plan. If you are interested in investing gold further, you can do so by opening a new account.

How can the saved gold be redeemed?

The saved gold can be purchased only as gold ornaments and silver articles.

How will you calculate the wastage for a product which exceeds the saving scheme amount?

Wastage charges will be applicable only on the difference in actual weight and the saving scheme’s accumulated amount/weight.

Can the paid amount be redeemed in any other way than the above (like cash)?

Redemption is possible only via purchase of gold jewellery, gold coins and silver articles. Cash redemption cannot be availed.

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