Smart Gold

  • New gold for old gold
  • Zero making and wastage charges
  • 11 months duration


Smart Gold Scheme

  • New gold for old gold
  • Zero making and wastage charges
  • 11 months duration

As time goes on, just as individual perceptions, outlooks and trends change, women are required to update their jewel reserves to stay relevant to modern times. Thangamayil understands this better than anyone else, by presenting women an opportunity to obtain new gold jewellery upon investing their used ornaments. Leverage the ‘Smart Gold Scheme’ by investing a minimum of 8 grams of your existing gold for a period of 11 months and take home the trendiest gold jewellery at zero making and wastage charges, at the end of this period.

What does that leave you with? New gold ornaments at absolutely no expense.

Smart Gold Savings

  • You can start by investing a minimum of 8 grams of your used 916 Hallmark gold bars / coins / jewellery.
  • The Thangamayil Smart Gold Scheme matures at the end of the 11th month with no additional payment incurred.
  • New jewellery in the form of 916 Hallmark gold will be handed over only at the date of redemption, for the weight of gold accumulated over the period.

Payment Option

There can be no smarter way to obtain new gold jewellery for an occasion or celebration that is yet to dawn upon you. Sign up for the Thangamayil Smart Gold Scheme today!

  • The accumulated weight of 916 Hallmark jewellery such as gold bars / coins / jewellery will be given in the form of new jewellery, only at the time of date of redemption.
  • In case the gold bars / coins / jewellery are of a less standard than 916 Hallmark jewellery, the calculation of weight will be made based on verification with a Carat Meter.
  • If a case of prematurity arises, the same gold bars / coins / jewellery pledged at the time of joining the scheme will not be returned back. The customer can purchase new jewellery in any of our showrooms, for the weight mentioned in the order form.
  • On maturity, the customer can take home gold jewellery for the accumulated weight (over the 11 month period), with zero making and wastage charges.

Terms & Conditions

  • Under this plan, the minimum quantity of gold bars / coins / jewellery to be deposited with TMJL by the customer should be a minimum of 8 (Eight) Grams.
  • The customer must claim and take delivery of the equivalent gold offered, on the delivery date or within 30 days thereafter with the benefit of 0% making and 0% wastage charges.
  • If the customer wishes to exit the plan before the delivery date, he/she can do so, only by buying gold ornaments with applicable making and wastage charges.
  • TMJL may, at any time, verify the purity of the gold bars / coins / jewellery on the Carat Meter. For this purpose, TMJL may cut the gold brought in by the customer into several pieces before accepting them. Accordingly, prior to this process, the customer will sign a written document consenting to the verification process, to the potential damage to the gold bars / coins / jewellery so deposited with TMJL and affirming that the customer is the lawful owner of the said gold, in the form provided.
  • If the purity of gold brought in by the customer is not of the required standard, TMJL will, in such cases, have exclusive rights to outrightly reject the gold and return the same to the customer, without direct or indirect liability of any kind on TMJL’s part, which may arise as a result of the aforementioned verification process.
  • Enamels and stone will not be taken for the purpose of calculating standards, that is 916 Hallmark jewellery, in order to join the scheme.
  • Once the gold bars / coins / jewellery brought in by the customer, for purposes of depositing in the scheme, have been tested and approved by TMJL, the customer will have to fill the necessary forms and complete the necessary documentations, as per TMJL’s policy for the plan.
  • If the customer misplaces the Original Order Form issued, TMJL may, upon the receipt of a written request (to this effect from the customer) and an affidavit stating that the Order Form has been misplaced, issue a copy of the Order Form to the customer, at his/her own expense.
  • This scheme is unique and will not be clubbed with any other offers or discounts.
  • It is at the sole discretion of TMJL to alter, amend, modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions from time to time and at the discretion of the Management.
  • By subscribing to this plan, the customer expressly agrees to receive calls, text messages, electronic mails, auto-dialled & pre-recorded calls, messages or mails from TMJL, or from affiliates, marketing partners, agents and others on behalf of TMJL, in connection with the plan, to the contact details provided by the customer.
  • Any disputes are subjected to arbitration of the sole arbitrator nominated by the Chamber Arbitration Tribunal (CHAT).
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