Super Six

  • 50% off on Making charges and Wastage
  • Save as money
  • 6 months duration

Join Now in Super Six

  • Short duration scheme with easy installments
  • Save as money
  • 50% off on making charges and wastage


Gold is considered auspicious and ushers in prosperity. It also tides over inflation, maintains long term value and provides instant liquidity. With such features it is ideal as an investment. Obtain new gold for old gold and stay in tune with current trends.

Salient Features & Benefits

  • Duration of the scheme is 6 months.
  • The range of investment shall lie between Rs. 4,000 to 30,000.
  • You shall be saving as money.
  • Installments are monthly. On enrolling, you can select an amount of your choice subject to the only provision that the aggregate sum of all installments shall fall within the specified range.
  • The amount corresponding to each installment payment will be successively added to the balance in your account.
  • We are flexible with the remittance of installment payments. You can pay the installments as cash/credit card/debit card/local cheque/online money transfer.
  • The company shall provide a rebate of 50% on making charges & wastage associated with your purchase of gold and silver articles by the end of the scheme..
  • You can approach any of our stores to claim the benefits of the scheme upon its maturity .

Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum and maximum value of investment cannot lie outside the specified range.
  • Minimum lock in period of deposited amount or gold weight shall be 150 days.
  • Pay your monthly installments before the due date
  • The scheme shall apply only to jewels exhibited for sale and not to customized jewels.
  • The amount saved in your account shall not be refunded under any circumstances and can only be exchanged for the purchase of gold jewellery or silver articles.
  • The taxes shall be binding in each monthly installment paid up.
  • It is at the sole discretion of Thangamayil Jewellery Limited to alter, amend, modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions from time to time.
  • By subscribing to this plan, the customer expressly agrees to receive calls, text messages, electronic mails, auto-dialed & pre-recorded calls, messages or mails from TMJL, or from affiliates, marketing partners, agents and others on behalf of TMJL, in connection with the plan, to the contact details provided by the customer.
  • Any disputes are subject to arbitration of the sole arbitrator nominated by the Chamber Arbitration Tribunal (CHAT).


Can anyone become a member of this scheme? Is any proof required?
  • Showroom customer: Anyone can become a member by providing valid ID proof and phone number.
  • Online customer: Anyone can become a member by providing their email ID, phone number and valid address.

Only individuals are eligible to join the scheme.One can join any number of schemes as he/she chooses. Only those Indian citizens who are not minors as per the act enacted by the Government of India as per the Majority Act of 1875 are eligible to enroll in the scheme.

What to do if have paid up the maximum limit for the plan within 6 months?

You have to wait for the completion of 6th month to claim the benefits for the plan.

How and where should the money be paid?

Please refer to the Payment Guide for detailed instructions on payment methods, both online and offline.

How will you calculate the price of the product if I choose a costly jewel upon maturity of the scheme ?

You can purchase any gold ornament, provided it doesn’t serve as a base to diamond or any other precious stone. As promised, you will get a rebate of 50% on making charges and wastage.

Can you provide the details on various direct payment methods, in detail?

We care for the layman and see to that payment process doesn’t cause much strain. You can deposit the installment through any of our stores, merchant stores or bank.

Sl.NoPayment Method
1Payment at Thangamayil Showroom
2Payment at Vodafone store or Mini Store
3Payment via Bank Transfer Account

Please click here to reach the exclusive page on Direct Payments which elucidates the payment mechanism.

Can you provide the details on various online payment methods, in detail?

You may click here to have a glance at the host of online payment methods supported by Thangamayil Jewellery.

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