• Trendy treasure on a regular investment
  • 1 month instalment as discount
  • 11 months duration

Join Now in Thangamagal

  • Trendy treasure on a regular investment
  • 1 month instalment as discount
  • 11 months duration

The Thangamagal Gold Scheme is designed to break the assumption that Gold is rich man's metal and to bring out into the open, the fact that anyone can buy or own gold. Wealth in the form of money or precious metals and stones are not a property of just the rich. It is especially for those who make the right choices at the right time. The Thangamagal Gold Scheme is a simple proposition by Thangamayil, in the hopes of realizing the same for the common man.

What does this mean? You can start investing on gold for as less as Rs. 1000/-.

Thangamagal Savings

  • You can start an account with a minimum of Rs. 1000/- and go up to a maximum of Rs. 4000/.
  • The Thangamagal Gold Scheme matures at the end of the 11th month, after payment of regular monthly installments.
  • According to your regular monthly payment, the 12th installment will be given as a discount from Thangamayil Jewellery Limited.

Payment Option

A golden opportunity to invest and get benefited! After receiving your pay cheque, allocate the first expense on saving for your future. Make it a monthly habit and reap benefits at the end of the installment period.

  • Account holder can deposit the money for Thangamagal at any of the branches of Thangamayil Jewellery Limited.
  • Pay installments as cash, demand draft, using credit/debit cards or even through online fund transfer at your convenience (service charges applicable) within the due date.
  • Pay installments through a virtual account number by transferring funds either in the bank or through internet banking facility (NEFT/RTGS).
  • Pay your monthly installments before the due date to avail the 12th month installment as discount, on your savings
  • On maturity, you can purchase gold ornaments or silver articles at what is then the current market rate with applicable making and wastage charges.

Terms & Conditions

  • Once the installment amount is fixed, the same should be followed for the entirety of 11 months.
  • Installments should be paid on or before the due date, without any exception, to avail the 12th month installment as discount.
  • The Thangamagal Gold Scheme is valid only for ready made jewels.
  • Diamond and platinum jewels with MRP cannot be availed for purchase, under this scheme.
  • Until the duration of maturity (i.e.) 11 months is completed, the scheme cannot be closed.
  • Thangamagal Gold is a unique scheme and cannot be merged, converted or transferred with either new or existing schemes.
  • Thangamayil reserves every right over the terms and conditions of this scheme and can change the conditions at any time
  • In case of any change in existing laws, rules, acts, etc., by a Regulatory authority, the necessary requirements have to be complied with, by the customer. Thangamayil Jewellery Limited reserves the right to do so, to comply with Government regulations.
  • The deposited amount will not be refunded as cash, in any case.


Can anyone become a member of this scheme? Is any proof required?
  • Showroom customer: Anyone can become a member by providing valid ID proof and phone number.
  • Online customer: Anyone can become a member by providing their email ID, phone number and valid address.
Only individuals are eligible to join the scheme.
One can join any number of schemes as he/she chooses. The individual should not be a minor.
Will there be any extra charge on subsequent payments?
There will be an extra charge only for payment through credit/debit card. In case of the loss of passbook, Rs. 100 will be charged for a replacement, after proper verification.
What will happen to my scheme if I don’t pay for a few months? Will there be a penalty charge?
One month installment as discount will get reduced appropriately, based on the delayed days.
When should the money be paid?
Pay your monthly installments before the due date to avail 12th month instalment as a discount.
How can the saved amount be redeemed?
The saved amount can be purchased only as gold ornaments and silver articles.
How will the price of gold be calculated while redeeming?
While you opt for gold ornaments and silver articles, the price of your saving is calculated based on the prevailing market price of gold/silver, on the date of redemption.
Can the paid amount be redeemed in any other way than the above (like cash)?
Redemption is possible only as stated above. Cash redemption cannot be availed.
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