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It is a myth to think that the chains men wear aren’t flaunted off or noticed by a multitude of people moving around them. Modern day women are definitely concerned about the appearance, charm and ornaments worn by the peers of opposite gender. In fact, men can choose chains of their choice from a wide range of assortment at Thangamayil and make their presence felt wherever they go.

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An equally significant piece of jewellery for men as it is for woman, rings lend oneself or a relationship an innate level of substance and meaning. They define character and the bond two souls bear, by virtue of its preciousness, both of which are qualities paramount to its wearer and ought not to be overlooked.

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Complementing a man’s look takes more than portraying his tough exterior self. Bracelet is what is classy about his character that appeals to most of the women around. To that effect, the designer bracelets from Thangamayil give him an air of assertiveness and refinement, bringing out the suave personality upfront with an uncompromising style.

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One of the earliest forms of donning oneself, pendants from Thangamayil come in a variety of forms, matching any occasion you choose to have them on. Complete your outfit with pendants that have a distinctive and timeless design, a result of the impeccable workmanship of skilled artisans over a period of time, from its inception through to production and finishing.

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