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Indian gold jewellery from Thangamayil's online store gives the finest designs in bangles, bracelets, chains, necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants.


Women are forever appreciated for the fine jewellery they wear and the overstated, yet subtly modest definition a single piece of precious metal lends to their persona. The maalai is unassumingly the most beautiful characteristic of a woman’s neckline, giving her the understated, ‘less is more’ look she wishes to carry, with nothing less than an elaborately decorated piece of jewellery.

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From the moment of a girl child’s birth through to her marriage and raising a family thereafter, the circle of life is as complete as the bangles that adorn her hands. Leading the way with immense responsibility, strength and patience, the fruits of her efforts are most pronounced by the charm and cheerfulness of womanhood, which in turn are expressed in the form of timeless bangles on her wrists.

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Every woman gets her presence felt at occasions, giving a new lease of life and infusing freshness into the gathering that’s present. The exquisitely crafted bonds around her neck lead the way, earning bedazzled gazes from the moment she presents herself, nodding approvingly of the fact that there can be no article she takes ample pride in flaunting than the piece that goes around her neck, gracefully yet befittingly.

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From traditional stone embedded pieces to sophisticated and intricate metalwork, the bracelets women don are almost always evocative of their beautiful, unfading inner selves. The simplicity and elegance of a woman’s hands are underlined by the bearing of a finely crafted, minimalistic piece of bracelet which also goes on to speak volumes about the fashion of her outfit.

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Arguably the simplest and most elegant way to adorn a woman’s neck, chains can do wonders all on their own, with various facets to its design, or when accessorized with ornamental objets to carry a specific meaning, characterising the woman wearing it.

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