• Branch @ Theni

    Thangamayil Jewellers brings to fruition its branch @ Theni on February 2, 2010. A portion of madurai district was chopped off and established as a separate district, Theni in 1996. Though the initial settlement of people was low, lots of people from the dried out areas around madurai settled here post Mullay-Periyaar merger. Eventually Theni developed rapidly owing to lots of business activities.

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  • Branch @ Dindigul

    Thangamayil Jewellers unveils its renovated Dindigul branch on 02nd April, 2017 after its inauguration on November 8, 2011. Dindigul had been ruled at different times by various dynasties till the district came under the British regime. Dindigul, which was also under the rule of the famous Muslim Monarch Tippusultan, has a glorious past. The historical Rock Fort of this district was constructed by...

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  • Branch @ Ramnad

    Thangamayil Jewellers relaunches its showroom at Ramnad on 09th April, 2017. This branch was earlier inaugurated on March 13, 2009. In 1910, Ramanathapuram was constituted by clubbing portions from Madurai and Tirunelveli districts. During the British regime this district was called “Ramnad” and later eventually renamed as Ramanathapuram to conform with the naming conventions of Tamil.

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  • Branch @ Karaikudi

    Thangamayil Jewellers brings forward its relaunched branch on 06th January, 2016 at Karaikudi which was earlier inaugurated on September 11, 2008. Karaikudi is the largest town in Chettinad region of Sivagangai district in Tamilnadu. The name Karaikudi originated from the plant's name karai that abounds in the area, and kudi meaning settlement. It belongs to the collection of 80 towns and villages in the Chettinad..

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  • Branch @ Rajapalayam

    Thangamayil Jewellers takes pleasure in grandly relaunching its relocated showroom at Rajapalayam on March 11, 2018, which was inaugurated a decade ago. Rajapalayam is a town and a special grade municipality in Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu. It is located 85 km southwest of Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu. The prime attraction is Ayyanar Falls. It is the neighbour town of Srivilliputtur.

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  • Branch @ Madurai, Nethaji Road

    Our first showroom at Nethaji Road, Madurai is one among the largest of our showrooms. The distinctive flagship store is an eloquent testimony to the growth of the company and its track record. It was renovated and relaunched on 29th April, 2011.

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