We procure the goods predominantly from major cities like Mumbai, Calcutta, Ahmedabad and from the states Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala .We have established two manufacturing units. One in Madurai for gold ornaments and the other in Salem – meant exclusively for silver articles. Through these units we manufacture designer jewellery which is in vogue across India and crafted to meet the customized orders from customers too.

Our showrooms are spread across southern and western districts of TamilNadu. We have outlets in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns in and around Madurai, as well as in bigger towns like Coimbatore, Salem, Tiruppur, Krishnagiri, Tirunelveli & Tuticorin.

The flagship store is located in Nethaji Road, Madurai. It spans an area of 12,000 sq. Ft, one among the largest of its class among our showrooms speaking volumes of our track record and successful long journey over the years.

Depending upon the showroom’s size, each branch would have from anywhere around 30 to 100 employees cutting across front and back offices. As of now, we have surpassed the 1000 employee mark, a gross total of employees across the hierarchy in all the branches we are operating our retail business.

We expect to grow 50% – 60% in the coming years, in line with the expansion plan of our retail business and priorities in promoting our brand in the Southern region. 

The entire organization feels rejuvenated and works in force to scale new heights.

Still there is a massive scope of expansion not only for Thangamayil but for the gold and precious gems industry, as a whole, as 40% of the total gold consumed in India is from the southern states. We are keen on seizing the opportunity well ahead of other players in the national market.

Accordion ContentThe prevailing market conditions with regard to competition is quiet healthy. More and more leading jewelers in and around South India are opening their branches to capture the needs of consumers in TamilNadu and that each one of us are in our own way, in an advantageous position to market our products.

We, at Thangamayil, provide a multiple and excellent collection of exhibits coupled with fabulous customer service and highly competitive prices, upholding the rich legacy of goodwill and reputation of the brand.

We had exploited modern day avenues of growth gaining a foothold in e-commerce by providing an easy to buy online portal with user friendly shopping experience and assistance. This has provided us a positional advantage of competing with all major players in India in the forthcoming years. We provide all attractive offers like free return policy upon dissatisfaction with 100% money back guarantee, lifetime exchange policy, promise of delivering the jewels as seen by customers in our website etc.,

We already have carved a niche for ourselves in the trade in towns like Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Coimbatore, Salem, Krishnagiri and Tiruppur, Nagarkovil, Surandai, Madurai kalavasal presently. We have plans to open our branches at trichy and pudhukottai during the financial year 2021-2022.<p></p>

 We are set about opening new sales outfits into the metros and cities like Chennai in the near future and other states eventually.

We predominantly trade and manufacture gold ornaments, which form more than 90% of our sales. Silver, platinum, diamond and others constitute the rest.

Depending upon the current trend, the pulse of our customers and their purchasing capacity, it is likely that we may add fashion jewellery, studded jewels, diamond and platinum ornaments to cater to the needs of consumers in future.

Accordion ContentAround 25% would constitute manufacturing activities in the total volume of gold sales.

We have no plans to increase our equity or borrow money from the market in the immediate future as we have sufficient working capital funds and our own internal generation funds to meet the various requirements of our day to day business as well as expansion activities.