We are dedicated to wealth creation for all our customers & stakeholders by.

  1. Providing Jewellery that is trustworthy,
  2. Being uncompromising in Quality,
  3. Being dynamic in meeting diverse needs of the market,
  4. Retailing it through an excellent shopping experience, and by
  5. Being authentic in our service.

The objective of Thangamayil Jewellery Limited, being in business is to enable creation of wealth to our customers and other stakeholders like shareholders, employees, suppliers, etc.

  1. By ensuring that they get their monies worth, when they want to invest in Gold as a part of their wealth creation,
  2. By implementing utmost quality standards in procurement and manufacturing of jewellery.
  3. By constantly keeping an eye on the customers changing needs, likes and styles and ensuring that the same are catered to through our supplies.
  4. By providing a good and pleasant experience to our customers when they visit our outlets for any purpose and by ensuring that they have the urge to come back next time and every time.
  5. By imbibing all the above qualities in the customer service eco-system of the organisation and ensuring that the service ability comes from the heart.
  1. By creating a wonderful working environment so that they want to come back to their workplace with lot of enthusiasm.
  2. By doing whatever possible to constantly improve their happiness quotient.
  3. By paying them such compensation, which will encourage meritorious and contributing ones and which will ensure value for money for the organisation.
  1. By ensuring that a credible growth path is maintained by the company both in topline and bottomline.
  2. By doing whatever possible to constantly improve their happiness quotient.
  3. By maintaining utmost principles of corporate governance and transparency.
  1. By treating them as business partners who will support our requirements towards satisfying our customers.
  2. By nurturing long term relationships with them by following a win-win methodologies in dealing with commercials.