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From the Managing Director's Desk

The core objective of Thangamayil Jewellery Limited, is to enable creation of wealth to our customers and stakeholders. Over 12,00,000 Happy Customers have benefited from our Best Price, Best Quality and Life Time Exchange policies. With Thangamayil.com, we strive to bring additional comfort to our customers by enabling them to shop and invest in any of our saving schemes at their convenience from across the globe, coupled with added features and policies such as 100% Refund, 15 Day Return and Secured Shipping.

We crafted our online store experience with real-life product pictures which are priced on real time market prices of 22Kt Gold jewellery and Silver articles. I firmly believe that with our first class service and access to our Traditional, Classic and Antique Jewellery, we have made jewellery shopping easy. From retail showrooms to online business we extend our services to every Indian, to be part of our mission. I am always grateful for your trust upon us.

- Balarama Govinda Das. [ To know more about our Mission and Vision click here ]

Trendy Jewellery Collections

  • Diamond Collections

    Diamond Collections

    Be it your girlfriend or better half, there is absolutely nothing a woman would love to own or possess other than a studded piece of diamond jewellery. Take her breath away with superlative cuts of solitaires from the ‘Diamond Collection’ at Thangamayil. Sweep her off her feet with the brilliance of these intricately polished, multifaceted gems or pick one for yourself, as any woman’s heart would desire.

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  • Parambariya Collections

    Parambariya Collections

    Thangamayil presents the women of today an opportune moment to embrace royal looks with traditional, artistic jewellery from the ‘Parambariya Collection’. Make the most beloved occasion for any woman even the more special with handpicked jewels from the ‘Parambariya Collection’ or just get them to dazzle onlookers with her charm and elegance. The sheer attention to detail observed by the craftsmen while bringing these creations to reality will leave an individual awestruck; a gesture of true appreciation for the painstaking work that goes into fabricating these ornaments.

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  • Yuva Collection

    Yuva Collection

    The youth of today are lofty aspirants when it comes to the manner they lead their lifestyle and orient themselves to a brilliant career for the future, so much so that their spirit and enthusiasm is seldom dampened in the process of growing up. Explore and discover the ‘Yuva Collection’, a wide range of authentic, designer jewellery that is sure to catch the eyes and fancies of the current generation of youngsters. Go ahead, take a deep breath and let the moment sink in thoroughly, for as long as you can remember.

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  • Kids Collection

    Kids Collection

    Children are nothing but a bundle of joy and beauty for everyone surrounding them, with the curiosity they inherently exhibit making for the playfulness and cheer they evoke most of the time. The ‘Kids Collection’ from Thangamayil adds to their ever gleeful, bubbly nature by outfitting them with the most colourful and charming adornments, made exclusively for their age. From bracelets to earrings, pendants and much more, give your children absolute joy and make them to be the apple of your eye, for now and for all the good times to come.

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Malai/Haram Jewellery

The malai is unassumingly the most beautiful characteristic of a woman’s neckline, giving her the understated, ‘less is more’ look she wishes to carry, with nothing less than an elaborately decorated piece

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Every woman gets her presence felt at occasions, giving a new lease of life and infusing freshness into the gathering that’s present.

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Rings beautify a woman’s hand in an incredibly subtle manner that goes unnoticed a lot of the times.

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Earrings add to a woman’s beauty as an intricately decorated frame does to a fine portraiture.

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Dazzling Bangles

From the moment of a girl child’s birth through to her marriage and raising a family thereafter, the circle of life is as complete as the bangles that adorn her hands.

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Derived from the Latin word "pendere" which means "to hang down", pendants give a whiff of fresh air to even the most monotonous outfits.

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  • Trendy treasure on a regular investment
  • 1 month instalment as discount
  • 11 months duration
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Future Plus
Future Plus
  • Single payment shields from wastage
  • Starts from Rs. 15,000/-
  • 9 months duration
Know More
Super Gold
Super Gold
  • Freedom from wastage & making charges
  • Starts from Rs. 1000/-
  • 11 months duration
Know More
Easy Gold
Easy Gold
  • Any amount, any time
  • Bonus of 7% per annum
  • 11 months duration
Know More
Fixed Deposit
Fixed Deposit
  • Starts from Rs. 10,000/-
  • 12.5% interest
  • 3 years duration
Know More
Smart Gold
Smart Gold
  • New gold for old gold
  • Zero making and wastage charges
  • 11 months duration
Know More


About thangamayil

Thangamayil Jewellery Limited (TMJL) is a chain of retail jewellery showrooms across the state of Tamil Nadu, headquartered at Madurai and serves as a one stop shop for an exquisite array of gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewellery. Standing on solid ground for the past six decades, Thangamayil is well known in the market and among its patrons to have pioneered the sale of BIS 916 hallmarked gold, offering its customers a wide variety of ornaments, across several product lines. Thangamayil also offers a number of savings schemes to cater to the specific needs of customers who wish to invest in gold jewellery, for the long run. With more than 40,000 sq.ft. in area across all its showrooms, the company is credited with being one of the fastest growing retail chain jewellers in India.


  • Buying gold in the 21st century

    Along with being a prized investment, gold also has immense cultural and emotional value for Indians. This is particularly true for Gold Jewellery that is usually made or purchased during festive and auspicious occasions as well as during times of celebrations. In fact, it is very common for families to have many pieces gold jewellery and artefacts as family heirlooms that are passed down to children through many generations. [Read More]

  • 6 Important Tips for Buying Gold Jewellery

    There are few things a woman enjoys more than buying gold jewellery. Whether it is a small gold coin or a bridal haram or malai, shopping for gold jewellery is a very memorable activity for all women. At the same time, it is also a very important activity, because gold has been long cherished as an important investment as well as a prized possession. [Read More]

  • 5 Factors Affecting Gold Price

    India is the world’s largest gold consumer. While demand for gold has been seeing a downward trend in the global economy for the past 5 years, the Indian love saga with the yellow metal is in full vigour. In 2014, India consumed almost 842 tonnes of gold – more than any other country, and this year too, in the third quarter of 2015, we consumed around 225 tonnes of gold. [Read More]

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