Listing on Stock Exchanges:
The equity shares of the company are listed at the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited(BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited(NSE), Mumbai. The Listing fee has been paid up to date, to the above stock exchanges and are actively traded in both exchanges.

Stock Code/Symbol: BSE Limited Code No. 533158

National Stock Exchange of India Limited Symbol.THANGAMAYL

Stock Market Data - High and Low Quotations of equity shares for 2017-18

Equity shares in BSE & NSE 2017-18

Earnings per Share

The numerators and denominators used to calculate Basic / Diluted Earnings per Share:

Earnings per share 2017-18 Annual report

Investor information:

  • Investor Grievance - Committee & Reference
  • Penalty imposed by any Government / Agency / Court (if any) - Nil
  • Investor Relationship FAQ
  • Compliance officer info (Incl Contact info)
    • Contact name : Mr.V.Vijaya Raghavan – Company Secretary
    • Mail :
    • Contact number : 0452 - 2565553
    • Fax No : 0452 -2566560
  • Listing info - Equity Shares are listed at BSE & NSE in Feb 2010.
  • Stock exchange - IN BOTH BSE AND NSE EXCHANGES
    • ISIN number - CSDL/NSDL -INE085J01014
    • BSE CODE - 533158
    • Credit Rating – ICRA - BBB(-) (Pronounced as Triple B minus)
  • We furnish below a statement of unclaimed dividend as on our recent AGM i.e, Jul 26, 2017 for your information.
  • Please find enclosed the statement of unpaid dividend as on Dec. 31, 2017.

Subsidiary Company (if any)

The company has no subsidiary.

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