Madurai, Nethaji Road Branch

Our flagship store is located at Nethaji Road, Madurai. It also happens to be our first showroom which was inaugurated on Jun. 1, 2001. It is spread across 12,000 square feet. This showroom stands as an eloquent testimony to the growth of the company and its track record over the years. It was renovated and relaunched on 29th April, 2011. We have carried over the merits of this showroom into our Anna Nagar showroom too, which is also located in a prominent location of the city.

Madurai is Known as Athens of the East, Madurai is a place of great historical and cultural importance. It is the oldest city in Tamil Nadu and Madurai lies on the banks of the River Vaigai. Madurai is one of the liveliest cities in South India it was originally known as Kadambavanam or the “forest of Kadamba”. Lors Shiva staged many of his divine leelas here and the Chithirai Festival conducted annually is our glorious tradition depicting the unity of Shaivism and Vaishnavism. The celestial wedding between Lord Sundaresvara and Goddess Meenakshi and the Lord Kazhallagar entering river Vaigai mounted on a golden horse to lift the curse on Mandooga Maharishi are important processions.

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