Pursuant to Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ General Circular No. 20/2020 dated 5″ May 2020 and various circulars issued providing relaxation to companies in light of COVID- 19 pandemic situation, kindly take note that the Company has convened the 20th Annual General Meeting (20th AGM) as an electronic AGM to be held on Monday, the 21 day of September, 2020 at 11.30 AM. through video conferencing (VC) or other approved audio visual means (OAVM)and further that Notice of 20th AGM, Annual Report and other reports / documents (AGM documents) will be sent through electronic mode only to shareholders whose email addresses are registered with Depository Participant (DPs)/Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA). No physical/hard copies of the above will be sent. 

Shareholders holding shares in demat mode, who have not registered their email address and mobile no. with DP, are immediately requested to register with your DP. Shareholders holding shares in physical form not registered their email ids with RTA / Company are requested to immediately send email to RTA viz. S.K.D.C. Consultants Limited, Kanapathy Towers, 3rd Floor, 1391/A-1, Sathy Road, Ganapathy, Coimbatore-641006, Tamil Nadu (RTA), to [email protected] providing their email address and mobile no, for sending soft copy of AGM documents along with User ID and password. Alternatively, Shareholders may send an e-mail request at [email protected] along with scanned signed copy of request letter providing email address, mobile number, self-attested PAN copy and Client Master copy in case of electronic folio and copy of share certificate in case of physical folio for sending AGM documents electronically. In case of queries, please write to [email protected].

Detailed instructions to Members for joining 20th AGM through VC/OAVM, including the manner of participation by holders of shares in physical form or by those who have not registered their email address with Company and casting their vote by remote e-voting or e-voting system during 20th AGM are set out in the Notice of the 20th AGM. 

Soft copy of AGM documents will also be available on following websites – Company:, BSE Ltd: and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd:
The Board of Directors have not recommended any Final Dividend for FY 2019-20. The Interim Dividend declared has already been paid to eligible shareholders in March 2020. To receive credit of future dividends to the bank account through ECS (Electronic Clearing Service), holders of shares in physical form are requested to provide details of account number, name of bank and branch and address to RTA. For dematerialized shares, Bank account particulars are to be informed directly to your DP. Also, as dividend income is taxable in the hands of shareholders effective 1st April 2020, please update your residential status, PAN & category as per Income-tax Act with your DP or with RTA at [email protected], if you hold shares in physical form. 

Yours Faithfully,
For Thangamayil Jewellery Limited
Company Secretary

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