Precautions To Be Exercised While Wearing And Storing Earrings

Earrings occupy a special position in the life of every women. They are identical with feminism and are essential part of her jewellery case. These days, women prefer to change their daily wear earrings often and choose one based on the occasion too. As women wear it daily it is continuously being exposed to dust, sweat, shampoo, particles from facial products, perfumes etc. Care for earrings is very important as it is also required for protecting your ear against infections.

The nice thing associated with the maintenance of earrings is that it just takes up few minutes of your time. Let’s walk you through the steps involved in cleaning your earrings-be it Diamond, Gold or Platinum Earrings.
i)Take a diluted solution of liquid dishwashing soap or mild detergent with mildly warm water. Don’t use strong detergents.
ii)Immerse the earrings in this solution for around 5 to 10 minutes.
Pick the earrings and clean it with a brush containing soft and fine bristles. Cleaning should be done gently.
iv) Now take a toothpick, which is nothing but a slender piece of wood or other material used for removing food particles stuck between the teeth. Again, avoid rough or rapid use.
v)Now rinse your earrings with clear and clean water. Let it dry by placing on a lint-free and soft cloth.
Now you are done with the cleaning process. It’s that simple !! Post cleaning, store the earrings in a box featuring soft velvet bed which is airtight and matches the size of earrings. It is a good practise to ask the jeweller on the precautions to be exercised for care of the earrings at the time of purchase itself.
If you are not sure about the cleaning procedure it would be strongly recommendable to approach a jeweller who has experience in cleaning process, as any wrong practise tends to cause harm to the earrings. You may be required to produce the receipt and certificate given to you at the time of purchase.
It is also advisable to deck your ears with earrings as the last piece of jewellery after bathing or dressing up. Earrings will last for longer duration if shielded from sunlight, rain, smoke etc.

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