Earring Designs Every Modern Bride Must Have In Her Collection

Earrings are an ornament that no woman can do without. Amongst Hindus in particular, it’s almost considered sacrilege for a woman to not wear earrings, and ear-piercing is an important and sacred ritual practically all Hindu infants have to go through. Earrings are often the first ornament we wear, and also the most popular. Needless to say, they are an extremely important part of every woman’s jewellery box – especially a bride’s.

While it’s true that we can never have enough clothes or earrings – there are definitely some pieces each bride MUST have in her wedding jewellery collection. Wedding jewellery, along with being exquisite (and expensive) is also exceptionally memorable. This is the jewellery you’ll wear on the most important day of your life and it will be with you the longest. So it’s very important that you pick the best pieces for yourself!


When it comes to earrings, you want your ornaments to be both – heavy and yet wearable, grand, yet elegant. To achieve this delicate balance, we suggest these 5 must-have earrings:

Must-Have Earrings#1: Classic Jhimkis/Jhumkas

Whether you prefer them as traditional jhimkis, meena/thewa work jhumkas, chandbalis or something else – a pair beautiful and intricately-crafted jhumkas are a classic piece every bride must have. They look great on any face shape, and pair beautifully with all types of Indian wear – sarees, lehengas, anarkalis and more! As a bride and even later, they’ll be a great asset during functions, celebrations, parties and other weddings too! With jhumkis, it’s just as important to consider the size as it is to consider the style or design. Jhumkis that are too large may dwarf your necklace or your attire. They may also be heavy and uncomfortable for all-day wear. At the same time, if you have a large face, small jhumkis may not have the same effect that large ones do. Ensure you try out different sizes along with styles and get ones made in a size that is perfect for you.

(Actress Deepika Padukone rocks Chandbalis, South Indian Jhimkis as well as contemporary diamante jhumkis with equal flair)

Must-Have Earrings#2: Danglers/Teardrop Earrings

A pair of stylish and understated danglers or tear drop is just the kind of jewellery every bride needs to make a statement for her sangeet or reception. Diamond teardrop earrings are your best bet here, as they spell opulence and style in a subtle yet powerful manner. What’s more, along with Indian wear, danglers also look great on western gowns! How long the danglers should be entirely depends on your taste – but also keep in mind how you intend to use them later. Long and thin dangling earrings can go really well with western party wear or even on casuals (if accessorised correctly) whereas short and heavy danglers are best reserved for special occasions and dresses.

(Deepika’s kundan danglers are perfect for anarkalis, while priyanka’s teardrop earrings will look great on western gowns. Kareena’s go well with both Indian and western looks.)

Must-Have Earrings#3: Pearls

Pearls are practically irreplaceable in your jewellery box. Classy and elegant, they are the perfect accessories when you want to be noticed without putting on a show. The best part – they go with just about anything – salwar kameez, dresses, skirts, sarees – pearls can take any look from the ordinary to the elegant. Freshwater or cultured pearls come in a variety of shades, with yellow, white or rose hues. Ensure you pick a colour that complements your skin tone. Generally speaking pearls with yellow or pink tones look great on Indian skin, while white pearls are recommended only for those with very fair skin.

(Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anne Hathaway look elegant in their pearl earrings, while Beyonce makes quite a statement with hers)

Must-Have Earrings#4: Delicate Casual Wear Earrings

Along with earrings for your special day, you also need to consider jewellery for the days after your wedding. As a new bride you will want to look your best for the next few days and you most certainly have a trousseau ready with fashionable and traditional casual attire for the week after your wedding. Let your jewellery box be up-to-date as well! A few pairs of delicate earrings that you can wear at home or while visiting new relatives will make a great first impression, and also add to your work-wear collection. We recommend keeping three types: all-yellow gold, all-white gold/platinum, gold-and-diamond ones to go with all your clothes – Indian, western and fusion wear in any style you like, ensuring they are simple enough for casual wear, and yet befitting of a new bride!

(Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is well known for her choice of dainty and delicate ear-pieces!)

Must-Have Earrings#5: Studs

No woman can do without a pair of studs in her jewellery box. They are an all-time classic and can instantly make any outfit look glamorous and chic. If you find solitaires a bit too much for your tastes, you can consider pearl studs that look just as fashionable, and yet understated. Another option is to go for diamond studs that weigh lesser than solitaires – so you aren’t overwhelmed by the size. You could also opt for studs in your coloured gemstones – if you want to turn them into statement pieces. A pair of deep blue or rose pink sapphire studs can do wonders for any outfit! No woman can go wrong with studs, so go for them blindly!

(Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks spectacular in plain diamond studs and bold red lipstick)

With just these these, you can be assured of never lacking in your jewellery box when it comes to earrings. The trick with precious jewellery is to invest in ornaments that compliment a variety of outfits, and that’s exactly what these pieces do. And of course, you are always free to add as many more as you want, once you have these basics in place!

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