Out of the three primary characteristics of knowledge, wealth and courage personified by the Tridevi in Hindu scriptures, it is only wealth that can be exhibited as a tangible attribute. This perceptible nature of wealth is precisely the reason why our forefathers advised on purchasing gold whenever possible. Farmers, after every harvest; traders, after every voyage; artists, after every accomplishment; soldiers, after every battle; and kings, after every victory, preferred gold as their reward, not for the price but for its underlying value. Buying gold is therefore considered an auspicious task that should never be put away for a later time.

Thangamayil offers five well balanced gold saving schemes for customers to choose from, catering to each of their personal preferences. TMJL’s saving schemes are designed with the "Customer First" approach, where the needs of each end user are kept in mind and the scheme crafted around them to provide maximum benefit to the customer.


Super Gold
  • 100% off on Making charges & Wastage
  • Flexibility to save as gold or money
  • 11 months duration

Super Gold

The Super Gold saving scheme builds your gold assets at regular intervals for healthy financial stability. Get to gold investment, thereby availing benefits in the form of zero making and wastage charges to buy highly artistic and designer ornaments.

Smart Gold
  • Freedom from making charges and wastage
  • Old jewellery incarnates as trendy one
  • One time investment

Smart Gold

As time goes on, just as outlooks and trends change, women are required to update their jewel reserves to stay relevant to modern times. Thangamayil provides a good opportunity for gold investment, in the form of Smart Gold saving scheme.

Fixed Deposit
  • Starts from Rs.10,000
  • Up to 9.50% interest p.a
  • No IT deductions for interests upto Rs.5000

Fixed Deposit

A Fixed Deposit is one of the best investment plans at Thangamayil, where one can invest a specific sum for a fixed period. One can draw the best benefit out of fixed deposit scheme if he prefers short term and medium term investment, ordinarily ranging from 1 year to 3 years.

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