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The Future Plus Gold Jewelry Scheme from Thangamayil Jewellery Limited offers an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to purchase gold jewelry with added benefits. This scheme is tailored for individuals who prefer a one-time investment approach to accumulate gold and enjoy substantial discounts on jewelry purchases. Below is an overview highlighting the key features and benefits of the Future Plus scheme.

Key Features


Available to individuals who are 18 years and above.

One-Time Payment:

Customers can join the scheme with a minimum investment of Rs. 15,000, allowing for a straightforward and substantial initial contribution.

Immediate Gold Credit:

On joining, customers accounts are credited with gold equivalent to their payment at the current 22 karat gold price, securing their investment against gold price fluctuations.

Maturity Period:

Culminates on the 330th day from joining, with a 35-day window post-maturity for redemption, aligning savings with future financial planning.

Gold Price Lock-In:

The scheme matures at 330 days from the date of joining, with a redemption period of 35 days post-maturity to avail the benefits.


Discount on Wastage and Making Charges:

A significant 75% discount on wastage and making charges for gold jewelry and a 60% discount for Gold JewelOne and diamond-studded gold jewelry.

Silver Item Offers:

An enticing 100% discount on wastage and making charges for silver regular items, encouraging diversity in investments and jewelry collection.

Protection Against Gold Price Fluctuations:

The gold rate is locked in at the time of payment, protecting the investment from market volatility.

Flexible Jewelry Selection:

Upon maturity, customers can choose from a wide range of gold, diamond, and silver jewellery available at all Thangamayil branches.

Security and Assurance:

Since the scheme is being enrolled digitally, no physical passbook is required at the time of purchase rather you’ll be submitting a redemption request form along with OTP which sent to the registered mobile number.

Important Considerations

No Refund Policy:

Payments made towards the scheme cannot be refunded but are instead credited as gold, which can be redeemed as jewelry.

Additional Costs:

Customers are responsible for GST and any other additional charges applicable at the time of redemption.

Lock-in Period:

A minimum lock-in period of 90 days is required, after which customers can still obtain gold jewelry equivalent to their investment without the scheme's benefits if they choose to exit.


The Future Plus Gold Jewelry Scheme is an excellent choice for customers looking for a one-time investment opportunity in gold. It combines the security of a fixed investment with the flexibility and benefits of discounted jewelry purchases. This scheme is particularly appealing for those planning to make significant gold purchases, offering a locked-in gold rate at the time of investment and substantial discounts on wastage and making charges, making it a smart financial decision for gold investors and jewelry enthusiasts alike.

Future Plus Gold Jewelry Scheme FAQs

  • Individuals who are 18 years of age or older can join the scheme.
  • You can join the scheme with a one-time payment starting from Rs. 15,000. This payment is to be made upfront when you sign up for the scheme.
  • Upon joining, the equivalent gold weight for the amount paid will be credited to your account based on the prevailing 22 karat gold price on the day of payment.
  • The scheme matures on the 330th day from the date of joining. You must redeem the scheme within 35 days from the date of maturity to avail the benefits.
  • Customers can avail gold jewelry equivalent to the credited 22 karat gold weight with a 75% discount on wastage and making charges. For JewelOne gold and diamond-studded jewelry, a 60% discount on making charges is offered, and for silver regular items, a 100% discount n wastage and making charges is available.
  • Yes, you can choose silver items equivalent to the credited 22 karat gold weight and avail them with a 100% discount on the making charges.
  • If you decide to exit the scheme after 90 days from the date of joining, you can still obtain gold jewelry equivalent to the accumulated gold weight, but without the benefits of the scheme. The scheme cannot be terminated before the 90-day lock-in period.
  • Apart from the discounted making charges, customers are responsible for paying GST and any stones, hallmarking, and other charges imposed on the selected products at the time of redemption.
  • You can redeem the scheme at any Thangamayil Jewellery branch across Tamilnadu by submitting the redemption request form, along with an Identity Card and Government-issued Aadhaar Card. Redemption must occur on the maturity date or within 35 days thereafter to avail the benefits.

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