why you should buy from us!

  • Best Price Best Price

    Thangamayil provides unparalleled prices across all product ranges and categories, for the benefit of customers. Be it at any of the showrooms or the online retail store, Thangamayil is in a privileged position of being able to offer its customers on-the-dot prices that are largely based on the real time market rates for gold and silver. Customers can be assured of getting valuable returns of their investment whenever they opt to shop for ornaments or articles from us.

  • Best Quality Best Quality

    While speaking of quality, it would we worth recalling that Thangamayil was the pioneer of introducing BIS 916-hallmarked jewellery in the market and other jewellers followed the suit since then. The company has also been educating customers about various Government-certified quality aspects. It houses sophisticated machinery that accurately determines the quality(carat value) of jewellery. These measurements are scientific and tamper proof.

  • Secured Shipping Secured Shipping

    Thangamayil is delighted to provide secured shipping to customers across the length and breadth of territorial boundary of India. All the items ordered online will be fully insured against theft, damage or loss during transit.

    The operations team and their associates strive to ensure all deliveries are made promptly, with the product(s) remaining unimpaired. Thangamayil exercises great care and precaution while packing, with the items sealed in a tamper proof package along with the certificates, if any. Each and every packaging activity is closely recorded as a video. We would strongly recommend the customers to examine the package thoroughly and not to sign the courier receipt , in the event of signs of damage or tamper.

  • 100% Refund 100% Refund

    Customers are protected with 100% moneyback guarantee if there is an issue with product quality, size or delivery.

    Your purchase from Thangamayil wouldn’t land you in trouble. If otherwise in rarity, for genuine cases of defects or discrepancies as mentioned above Thangamayil shall refund the entire payment incurred by the customer including shipping, processing fee, bank transaction charges and refund shall be credited to the source bank account through internet banking or cheque. For more details kindly refer Return & Exchange policy section.

  • money back 15-Day Return

    Customer satisfaction is the heart and soul of Thangamayil. In case of dissatisfaction of customers on valid grounds, they can exchange it for a different design or return the same. Our 15-day Return & Exchange policy shall address the customer’s needs, in this regard.

  • Certified Jewellery Certified Jewellery

    We guarantee every gold and silver item we sell is BIS Hallmarked. Similarly, diamond and platinum jewellery will also be accompanied by a certificate which establishes the genuineness of the product.

    The jewellery at Thangamayil are certified for authenticity by the Indian Government and the company itself is accredited as BIS Hallmark center. The products displayed in the website and sold online are no exception and they are subject to the stringent quality control measures and come with the necessary certification.

  • Life Time Excahange Life Time Exchange

    Stay in tune with the latest trends in jewellery to be in harmony with your community and society! Come forward to exchange your jewellery which has gone out of vogue at any of our showrooms for newer or modern pieces of jewellery with an appropriate price tag for the jewel being exchanged.

  • Secured Retail Secured Retail

    A system of online retail that is covered and governed by the most comprehensive set of security protocols.

    Thangamayil ensures a seamless online buying experience on its secure portal; an easy to shop experience that keeps users engaged, prompting them to shop with us, time after time.

    Your personal and purchase information, bank account details and the online transaction itself are secured by a comprehensive system of protocols. We care for your product as much as you would, and make sure it is shipped as securely as possible.

  • Stores Stores

    Thangamayil Jewellery Limited carries the expertise involved in operating a chain of 58 outlets all around Tamil Nadu. With the frequent loyal patronage of existing customers and ever growing new customer base, plans to expand our region of operation are underway.

    Our flagship store located at Nethaji Road, Madurai spans an area of 11,416 square feet, standing as an eloquent testimony to our stature. Having established a widespread network of retail stores over the years, the company has carried over the business knowledge and expertise gained from these sales outfits to infuse life into its online retail store and pass on the same set of benefits enjoyed by the customers who pour into our showrooms to those who purchase from online store, as well.

  • Limited Company Limited Company

    The company has witnessed an exponential growth ever since its inception, sparing certain periods over which the growth was organic. Thangamayil marched forward under the dynamic leadership and business acumen of its patrons with the massive love and support from the people and went on to obtain the status as a public limited company in the year 2007. The company established a total of 58 stores comprising over 40,000 square feet in total showroom area with more than 2000 + employees, by the end of the financial year 2016 - 17.

  • ESTN.SINCE 1947 Established Since 1947

    The promoters of Thangamayil have been in the same retail jewellery business for decades. Thangamayil derives its roots from Balu Jewellery established in 1947. It has a thorough understanding of the current pulse of the customers and is able to discern it from the tastes during earlier decades.

    While encompassing a wide array of modern tasteful jewellery it also features a collection of jewellery behind the times to cater to the needs of all age groups.

  • Employees Employees

    Giving wings to people who dream of flying.

    The management of Thangamayil has, over the years, provided sustainable employment opportunities and nurtured the careers of thousands of people working in their showrooms and factories. The company has retained the loyalty of the innumerable lives it has touched in the process of providing these people a genuine means of livelihood.