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An ornament that has vast cultural significance to its name, anklets are often considered the most pleasing ornaments of the feminine self, doing much to revitalize the spirit, mind and body of the woman wearing them, while being drawn in as divine melodies by everyone around her.

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Silver Anklets


An essential part of performing daily poojas and rituals, the silverware from Thangamayil adds a touch of genuineness and verity to the custom of revering the Gods you believe and confide in. Choose from a wide range of pooja articles to suit your customs and traditions, or just pick them as quality silverware for the purpose of gifting those near and dear, on a special occasion.

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Pooja Articles


Dine at home like a king would in his palace with exquisite dinner sets from Thangamayil. Make a lasting impression when you’re the host of a get together or family occasion by serving your guests on silverware, in a manner they’ve never been accustomed to. The dinner sets also make for a brilliant gifting object or ideal present, to let someone know you care enough about them.

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Dinner Set


Encompassing a wide range of finely crafted objects, articles make for excellent handouts or presents that are eventually showcased in elaborate displays, including items of daily use that find applications in common households. Explore, seek out and possess some of the most exclusive and superlative articles, at Thangamayil.

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Silver Articles


Striking a perfect balance between the monotone shades black and white, silver is seen as a representation of the moon’s energy causing surge and ebb of tides, fluid and soothing in its effect, illuminating even the darkest of hours. Silver radiates the purest form of feminine energy, protecting the wearer from negative forces by reflecting the energy to where it began and restoring equilibrium to one’s spiritual state.

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Silver Chain
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