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SuperGold Scheme


The SuperGold scheme from Thangamayil Jewellery Limited is a meticulously designed gold saving plan that offers customers a smart way to accumulate gold and enjoy significant benefits on jewelry purchases. Here's an overview highlighting the key features and benefits of the SuperGold scheme.

Key Features


Open to individuals who are 18 years and above.

Flexible Saving Amounts:

Customers can start saving with as little as Rs. 1000 and in multiples of Rs. 500 thereafter.

Duration and Payments:

The scheme requires monthly installments for 11 months, with maturity on the 330th day from the date of joining.

Gold Accumulation:

Culminates on the 330th day from joining, with a 35-day window post-maturity for redemption, aligning savings with future financial planning.

Gold Price Lock-In:

Payments are converted into 22 karat gold weight based on the prevailing rates on payment day.


Discount on Making Charges:

Members can avail a 75% discount on the wastage and making charges for gold jewelry and a 60% discount for Gold JewelOne products and diamond-studded gold jewelry.

100% Discount on Silver Wastage and Making Charges:

For silver regular items, customers enjoy a 100% discount on wastage and making charges.

Flexible Jewelry Selection:

Upon maturity, customers can choose from a wide range of gold, diamond, and silver jewellery available at all Thangamayil branches.

No Fluctuation Risk:

The gold rate is locked in on the day of each payment, protecting customers from price volatility.

Digital Convenience:

Installments can be paid directly at branches or through the Thangamayil DigiGold mobile app or website, ensuring ease of access and payment.

Security and Assurance:

Since the scheme is being enrolled digitally, no physical passbook is required at the time of purchase rather you’ll be submitting a redemption request form along with OTP which sent to the registered mobile number.

Important Considerations

Scheme Redemption:

Jewelry equivalent to the accumulated gold weight must be selected within 35 days post-maturity to avail the scheme benefits.


Installments paid towards the scheme cannot be refunded but must be redeemed as gold, diamond jewelry, or silver items.

GST and Additional Charges:

Customers are responsible for paying GST and any additional charges like hallmarking on the selected jewelry.


Thangamayil's SuperGold scheme is an exceptional opportunity for individuals looking to invest in gold with added benefits. It not only facilitates systematic gold savings but also offers significant discounts on wastage and making charges, allowing customers to maximize their savings. This scheme is ideal for those aiming to build a gold portfolio while enjoying the flexibility and benefits that come with purchasing jewelry at reduced costs.


  • The SuperGold scheme is a gold savings plan by Thangamayil Jewellery Limited that allows customers to save towards gold purchases in monthly installments, with significant benefits upon maturity.
  • Individuals who have attained the age of 18 years are eligible to join this scheme.
  • Customers choose an amount starting from Rs. 1000 (and in multiples of Rs. 500 thereafter) to save every month for 11 installments. The amount paid is converted into 22 karat gold weight based on the gold rate of the payment day.
  • Benefits include a 75% discount on wastage and making charges for gold jewelry, a 60% discount for Gold JewelOne and diamond-studded gold jewelry, and a 100% discount on making charges for silver items.
  • Yes, you can select gold, diamond jewelry, and silver items from Thangamayil's available collection. However, premium and antique silver jewelry, as well as items under MRP, are excluded from certain discounts.
  • To avail the full benefits of the scheme, all 11 installments must be paid timely. Missing an installment may affect the benefits you can avail of upon maturity.
  • Yes, customers are allowed to pay installments in advance.
  • The scheme matures on the 330th day from the date of joining. You must redeem your accumulated gold weight in jewelry within 35 days from the date of maturity to enjoy the scheme's benefits.
  • Yes, redemption must be done within the specified period of 35 days post-maturity, and the benefits are applicable only on selections from Thangamayil's available stock in branches.
  • No, the installments paid towards the scheme cannot be refunded but must be redeemed as gold, diamond jewelry, or silver items.
  • Installments can be paid at any Thangamayil branch, through the Thangamayil DigiGold mobile app, or on the website. Ensure to obtain a physical receipt or SMS confirmation for your payment.

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