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Greetings from Thangamayil Jewellery!!!

We value what you value. And indeed for us Jewels values more than its physical value. Thangamayil Jewellery always keeps that in their values and takes utmost care in honoring that. Please read carefully about our company’s terms and get to know what and how we serve our customers.

Owned and operated by

The website is owned and operated by Thangamayil Jewellery Limited having its registered office at #124, Nethaji Road, Madurai – 625001, Tamil Nadu and its corporate office is at Palami Enclave #2nd and 3rd Floor, 25/6 , New Natham Road, (near Ramakrishna Mutt), Narayanapuram, Madurai – 625014, Tamil Nadu, India.

Rights about the content

Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd reserves and holds all the rights of the contents on the website. The content(s) of the website, including texts, design(s), photograph(s), model(s), trademark(s) etc are the intellectual property of Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd and shall not be copied, edited, modified, misused, repositioned, translated or transcribed, rented or sold by any means.

Usage of the content(s) or service(s) shall not be displayed, utilized in any way other than personal viewing, either for commercial or non –commercial purpose.  Commercial or non – commercial includes for - profit as well as not - for – profit purposes. Kindly do check Copyrights and Trademark section.

Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd holds a non exclusive, royalty - free, irrevocable and have rights to use, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works, publish, display, distribute the contents of the users or members such as feedback, comments, mails etc.

Contact and online support

Feel free to contact our office if you require any clarification regarding the Terms and Conditions or about the website and its contents. Our team will eagerly respond to you on your queries. For more details refer the 'Communication' section.


Thangamayil Jewellery Limited herein shall be addressed as ’Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd’ or ’Thangamayil Jewellery’ or ’Thangamayil’ or ’the management’ or ’the Jeweller’ or ’the company’ or ’the corporate’ or ’us’ or ’we’ or ’www.thangamayil.com’ or ’thangamayil.com’ or ’TMJ’ or ’TMJL’. ’Jewellery’ or ’Jewels’ defines any jewels customized, designed or pre-designed in precious metals like Gold, Platinum or Silver with or without stones or any precious elements and can also mean gold coins. ’Stones’ defines any and every kind of precious and semi precious stones includes diamonds, emeralds, pearls etc. People or customers who use this website shall be defined as ’User’, ’You’, ’your’, ’Customer’ and registered user and customer shall be also defined as ’member’ or ’registered member’. Any merchandise that is paid by the member when intended to be delivered to a different person on different address, it shall be considered as ’Gift ’.

Life Time Exchange

Customers can exchange the Jewels bought from us at any of our showrooms for a new jewel with ’appropriate price’ for the old jewel. Thangamayil shall determine the ’appropriate price’ which includes the charge based on market price of metals or stones.

User Agreement

Thangamayil’s policies are rules and guidelines that create a safe and fair trading environment for all their customers. For promoting a safe trading environment, TMJL enforces rules and policies. User Agreement is the most important policy. All users or members are responsible for reviewing and understanding TMJL’s policies and all applicable laws and regulations of this contract.


The user agreement shall be inferred in accordance with the applicable laws of India. The website policies follow the Government of India’s amendment to Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008 or ITAA 2008 which focuses on Information Security, Cyber Terrorism and Data Protection. Sensitive Personal Information and Reasonable Security Practices mentioned in section 43A of ITAA, 2008 will be followed.

Those who choose to use this website from abroad or outside of India are responsible for the compliances with the local laws. Delivery of products shall be provided only within geographical boundary of India. Any interest towards shipping overseas is purely the customers interest and Thangamayil Jewellery or its associates shall not liable for any such transactions.

Eligibility Criteria

Any users who is according to Indian Contract Act, 1872, considered as ’incompetent to contract’ is not eligible to use this website. Anyone who is below 18 years of age shall not be allowed to become a member or to use or purchase or enter into contract through the website of TMJL.

Registration Obligation

All the information provided by the users have to be true, accurate, to the detail, current and complete as required by the registration process of www.thangamayil.com.  If the user provide any information that is not true or accurate or to the detail or complete or current information and or if the management of Thangamayil has a reasonable cause to suspect or consider that the information provided by you to be untrue or not accurate or incomplete or not to the detail or not current in concurrence of opinion with the user agreement, Thangamayil has every right to cancel or suspend or terminate the membership and restrict the access with www.thangamayil.com indefinitely.

User should not have indulged in any illegal trading or involved in direct sale of merchandise from other states and in such case, should provide special documentation required by Thangamayil.


Registration in www.thangamayil.com is made easy and simple and it is free of cost. Registration includes few steps.

Contact & Personal Information

User has to enter their personal information such as Name, Address and Phone number. Personal information includes Date of Birth, which www.thangamayil.com  uses to verify the user’s age. After registration, User may change their personally identifiable information such as the login password in their profile by logging into their account and it is always advisable not to share your login details with anyone and to promptly update or modify the password to keep it protected.

Email Verification

User has to enter their email address which serves as the medium of communication from www.thangamayil.com. User shall check the email which provides the instruction for user to register and helps in registration process.

Having a working email address is important as Thangamayil uses it to notify about the confirmation of purchase, shipping, payment procedures and details about the payment.

Acceptance of User Agreement & Privacy Policy

Read the user agreement and privacy policy, if you accept to the terms and conditions of user agreement and with the privacy policy, check the box of acceptance to the contract. You must accept to the contract to continue registration. Else it is important that you should not use the website.

Create User Info

User ID is required for users to login and purchase. You can create a user ID and set a password. Give a secret question and a secret answer while you sign up.  The choice of User ID is based on the availability of the user name. If you ever forgot your password, thangamayil.com will ask for the secret question to verify the users identity before providing a password. Password will be emailed to the email provided by user while registering.

Confirm Registration

Check the email for confirmation of registration. Use the email for communicating with the company.

Registration for Guest User

It is always advised to sign up for easy and safety process to ensure smooth transaction and to manage the profile, tracking the order summary and faster processing of your enquiry.

Tax and Value Added Charges

As per the regulation of Government of India all Jewels be Gold, Platinum, Silver or any other precious metal with or without precious or semi precious stones that are billed includes all applicable taxes that may include Value Added Tax that is prevailing in the states of India. These all related taxes shall be referred as the ’taxes’.

The cost includes the physical content of Jewels, designing cost and making charges along with the wastages. Thangamayil has every right in determining the cost of the product which includes the price of content, designing cost, amount of wastages and its making charges. These costs shall be referred as the ’Value Added Charges’.

Termination of Agreement

The management of Thangamayil has every right in terminating the membership and their agreement when it is found that any member violates the terms and conditions or privacy policy as such. www.thangamayil.com may or may not provide notice to any member about terminating their membership and restricting them from accessing the website. It is required that the member has to erase or destroy the downloaded information or copied or data obtained otherwise from www.thangamayil.com under the user agreement or otherwise. Termination of membership shall not void the obligation of your payment towards the purchase of the merchandise.

The user can terminate his/her membership by writing to the company that he/she no longer wish to use the service of www.thangamayil.com and discontinue further use of this website. Your request of termination shall be processed in 7 to 10 business days. However this shall not restrict the obligation of your pending payment due to the company.

Products Online

Thangamayil takes care in providing detailed information about the products that are displayed in the website. Users may expect more information regarding the product, in such a case, members can contact our customer care or support (through email [email protected] or call 91 9585811811). Though Thangamayil heeds to their members regarding their feedback and suggestions, Thangamayil doesn’t take responsibility in users demand of displaying their suggestions.

Product Availability

The website displays the product availability for sale through its website  www.thangamayil.com. However, sometimes there may be a situation were the particular product is either sold or not available. In such a case TMJL will arrange it either from a third party or designed in their factory and will inform either through email or through phone. However, in certain situation that particular product can not be arranged, members will be informed accordingly. For diamonds and other precious stones or semi – precious stones, irrespective of the displayed information the sales happen only based on availability. In such a case, prices may be vary.


Care has been taken while photographing the jewels to provide the users with better viewing experience and make it appear as accurate as possible. High resolution pictures of the Jewels are captured to give the users the feel of design, the way it is crafted, the expertise and the workmanship, the color and the size in detail. However, there can be difference in the photograph with the actuals and the cause can be due to lighting, camera and sensor quality, photo effects, reflection of stones or the background etc. User may be aware of these issues while placing the order with us. And shall not hold TMJL as accountable at a later stage.

Product Customizing

If a user requires specially designed jewel or modification in existing design or adding or removing or changing the mounted precious or semi precious stones and as such, shall contact the sales or support team for the possibility of customizing. Customization of product is solely on the decision of the company. Buyer has to bear the customization cost whatever informed by the company.


Product Price

All prices which are quoted and displayed in the website are in INR (Indian National Rupees). The price of the gold, silver and platinum fluctuates according to the international metal markets. So, the price displayed in the website may not be the exact amount of the product in accordance with the market. The price displayed in the website is just the product price, exclusive of ’tax’, handling and other charges. Check the ’Tax’ section of the terms and conditions. The price of the gold displayed as gold rate is the price announced by the ’Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants association’ at Chennai for 22 carat gold. Before confirming your payment procedure, do confirm the price. However, thangamayil.com puts enduring efforts in updating the price listed in the website. Thangamayil reserves the right to alter the price with or without notice and is solely their choice to fix the price of the product or merchandise.

The price of the diamond and precious stones can be guaranteed based on the availability of the stones. Unlike the standard price of gold, price of stones vary based on the (subjective) method of analysis and there shall not be any guarantee made as well as any assumption made on the accuracy of the information provided by the experts, and price differs on the demand as per the seller or buyer or the brand value of the stone.

The weight of the product displayed in the website as ’product weight’ is an approximate indication of the product’s weight and actual may vary slightly. Price of the product is based on the indicated weight and payment shall also be made for the same. If situation arise such that the physical weight of the purchased product is lower than the indicated weight for which the payment is made, the difference amount equivalent to the difference weight of the gold will be sent back as a cheque and will be shipped to the customer along with the product. The price of the gold, for this situation is calculated based on the market rate of the gold that prevails on the date and time of the purchase. This is an act of gesture showed by Thangamayil in the interest towards the satisfaction of customer and they shall not argue it as a rightful duty of TMJL.

The price displayed, product detail may sometimes be able to have typographical error though every effort is made to avoid such errors. In such situation, users should clarify the price with the customer support team of Thangamayil Jewellery. If the product price quoted, listed or displayed in the website is higher than the actual price, Thangamayil will contact the member and will inform the right price for the selected Jewel. Similarly, if the quoted, listed or displayed product price is lesser than the actual price, Thangamayil shall contact the user to inform the right price and shall make invoice on the informed price or shall cancel the order based on the customer(s)’s interest.

Due to the fluctuation in market price, the price of the metals (gold, silver or platinum) and Gems\stones, may vary from the time of order (or added to cart) and the time of purchase or the time at which the payment is made. The price at the time of purchase is considered as the real price of the market.

Confirmation of Order

An email will be sent to the member after the purchase is finalized with www.thangamayil.com. User should provide their confirmation to the company. User shall use this email as reference for their purchase.


Payment shall be made through credit card or debit card or through net banking or transferred through NEFT via banks. Once order is placed user will be directed through payment gateway for online payment and transactions to purchase the merchandise and user shall choose their payment option.

It is assumed that every member who is a (bank’s) card holder is aware of the terms and conditions of online banking and usage of bank cards. Else, check with your bank’s policy. User should understand, agree and confirm that the information they provide about the debit\credit card while using  the user shall not use other person’s (credit\debit) card (As agreed while registering as a member with www.thangamayil.com). The same is applied for internet banking; the user shall not use other person’s internet bank account to transact with this website.

The information shall not be utilized or shared with third party unless required for legal verification by agencies such as judiciary or police enquiry. Thangamayil shall not be responsible for intentional deception, fiddle or fraud of debit or credit card or internet banking by any third party while using the website. Check the privacy policy.

Thangamayil reserves every right to reject any purchase process even after the payment is done either as full or part payment. The reason for rejection shall be given to the customer through the contact provided. Check the cancellation part of the terms and conditions. The refund of the payment shall be made to the user’s account. Check the refund procedure to know how refund of the payment is done from Thangamayil.com.

The invoice from Thangamayil includes the product’s price (as described in the Terms and Conditions of Thangamayil), all applicable ’taxes’ (as described as Taxes) and other costs mentioned as the ’Value Added charges’. Users have to pay all the charges and responsible for reporting on their personal income or tax related issues as per the requirements of government of India.


Thangamayil Jewellery is interested in getting connected with their customers and general users and constantly increases their customer’s satisfaction by heeding to their suggestions and feedbacks.

Electronic Communications

Communication from Thangamayil.com may be through email or telephone conversation (Write to email:[email protected]. Talk to customer support on 91 9585811811 during 10 am to 7 pm Indian Standard Time (GMT +5.30 Hrs) Customer support or sales support may educate the user about the product or about terms and conditions when inquired.

Feedbacks, Reviews and Customer Interaction

User can also connect with us and share your experience on social media. Like us on Facebook page www.facebook.com/thangamayil. User may give feedback about the products or service of TMJL and may continue your feedback or share their review on discussion forum. User is solely responsible for such comments, reviews, suggestions, feedback, ideas, posted, submitted or disclosed (shall be defined as interactions) to thangamayil.com or its social network page becomes property of thangamayil.com. Users who use feedback or review or customer interaction sections or pages (shall be defined as interactive pages) agree that they don’t post, upload, distribute, store

  • Any content or text or picture or video or audio or manipulate any web content or user content that may be considered as unlawful or unethical or content that are obscene, explicit, suggestive or pornographic nature or threatening or intruding privacy or harassing, abusive or cheating etc.
  • (Users shall not post) any content that are intellectual property such as copy rights, trade marks, business process, patents or trade secrets of others or any third party.
  • (Users shall) never indulge in any unsolicited campaign like marketing or promotional or political campaign of any kind.
  • (Users shall not post) any links or contents that are harmful to the website users like virus, spy wares, or destructive files.

Thangamayil.com assumes no responsibility over the user comment or interactions on any of its interactive pages. Thangamayil.com shall not necessarily oblige to answer any on the user’s comment and may or may not remove the user or user’s comments. Users are liable for any content they comment. Thangamayil.com reserves exclusive rights for all the content (interactions) as the user agrees to a royalty free, irrevocable and fully licensable right and Thangamayil Jewellery Limited shall in anyway to use it either for commercial or other way and is entitled to use, edit, modify, create, recreate, or create derivative work, adapt and publish, promote, market, distribute or display it through any media any where in the world.


You agree to defend TMJL, its management, employees, directors, consultants, agents and share and stock holders regarding the content posted on the interactive pages from and against any claims and expenses that may also include legal actions, for your violation against any party and against the Terms and Conditions of the TMJL.

Website Contents

Without any limitations, the texts, the pictures and all the other content that includes the corporate logo, the photographs, models, audio, video, the ’look and feel’ of the website, the color texture and co-ordination, the graphics, the software, the database, the user interface, the Graphical User Interface, promotional files such as images, audio tunes, video files, the designs, along with product designs and thereof shall collectively called as ’website content’. The ’website content’ is creative work of Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd, vendors, and corporate associates; any resemblance of the content with others is unintentional and co-incidental.

Third Party Content

In the website of thangamayil.com, there shall be some links of a few that may lead to a ’third party’ website. It could be advertisement or commercial or informational website, however, thangamayil.com does not endorse or encourage users on any such ’third party’ content and shall not guarantee its accuracy or legitimacy or genuinity. The acceptance of these contents is liable solely on the judgement of user and the consequence has to be borne by the user and Thangamayil takes no responsibility in this regard.

Ownership of Content

Thangamayil reserves every right of ownership to the ’Website Content’ as defined in ’Website Content’. Thangamayil also reserves right over the member’s feedback, suggestion, complaints or any such on www.thangamayil.com or on the social media page of Thangamayil.com and shall be considered as owner for these contents.

Copyrights and Trademark

All the contents of thangamayil.com defined as ’Website Content’ are intellectual property and shall not be published or displayed or distributed or transferred or modified or plagiarized or sold or exploited in any way either partly or fully . All software used in the website is property of www.thangamayil.com or their vendors and under copyrights protection act of India or Indian copyrights Act (ICA) and other applicable laws and are protected by Indian and international copyrights law.

Return & Exchange Policy

Thangamayil strives hard in ensuring the satisfaction of every customer who have purchased or ordered with them. The process of return and exchange of the purchased product of www.thangamayil.com is designed as simple and as friendly as possible.

Return before Delivery

If a customer prefers to return the product ordered or purchased before delivery for some valid reason, Thangamayil provides option to do so and this shall be considered as ’Cancellation before Delivery’. Check shipping policy section and cancellation terms.

In case of defects

Customer may send the delivered product if found to have ’defect while delivered’. Return for ’defect while delivered’ is to facilitate customers for genuine fault and shall not be misused.  Condition for ’defects while delivered’ are that the jewel should be genuinely have wears, manufacturing defects, missing stones, cracks on the stones and the jewel should be unused. In such a case it has to be reported to thangamayil.com as ’defect while delivered’, on the delivered day itself. If the jewel delivered to you is different from what was ordered you shall return it unused. Thangamayil reserves every right in determining if the product delivered is a ’defect while delivered’. If the customer tampered the jewel on purpose either to seek or not to seek any financial benefits, legal action will be taken under all applicable laws for cheating, theft forgery etc., and injury caused to the company. Thangamayil shall take legal actions against such customer and shall also penalize by not refunding the paid amount and the jewel. Users, be aware that TMJL maintains every record, visual as well as legal, about the product that is shipped. Care should be taken while returning through courier. The product should be returned in same condition as delivered by Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd along with the attached security tag sent (without tampering the Security tag).

Return on Dissatisfaction - Limited Duration

In case, the customer is not satisfied with the product after receiving they can return the product within 15 days from the delivered date. Return policy is subjected to the following conditions

a) The product should be returned back in same condition as delivered by Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd along with the attached security tag. Do not tamper the delivery or security tag.

b) Product showing sign of wear or engraved, altered, resized or damaged may not be accepted and may be sent back to the customer.

c) Products that are designed based on Customer’s specification or customized jewels or Gold coins can be exchanged only at the showrooms of TMJL. Refer 'Life Time Exchange' section for more details.

d) Once the return is confirmed at the call center, Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd will send a packaging cover through the courier agent, which has to be used to return the product. ’Jewel to be returned’ must be properly packed as per the associated logistics company’s requirement.

e) The item has to be packed in front of the courier agent.

f) Product invoice and certificate card provided by Thangamayil must be sent along with the ’Jewel to be returned’ while returning. Else return process shall not process.

g) Genuine refunding of the returned jewel, without deducting shipping, processing fee and bank transaction charges the amount shall be credited to the bank account through internet banking or cheque to the account that was used for the purchase.

h) It is assumed that users are aware about the Jewellery and its way to handle before purchasing and Thangamayil shall not take responsibility for any wear or damage through the way or place the jewel was used or handled.  Return or refund or exchange of such products of such a case shall not be entertained by TMJL.

On Gifts

Return of ’gifts’ (as defined in Annotation section) shall follow the ’return on dissatisfaction - Limited Duration’, ’defects while delivery’, ’Life time Exchange’, provided the beneficiary must bring the photo identity card recognized as photo Identity proof by government of India, to prove the genuinity as the beneficiary considered by the customer who purchased the product.

Terms for Exchange and Return

  • In case you wish to exchange your item with in 15 days from the date of purchase for an alternative product, we suggest that you return the product for a credit and purchase the new product separately.
  • For any exchange of certain products, user may confirm it with the support team of Thangamayil.
  • Thangamayil.com may offer a complimentary free return shipping for exchange of certain products. User may confirm it with the support team of Thangamayil.
  • Customer may return the product for exchange within 15 days for full invoice value. User shall bear the varied price of the new product purchased.
  • Value of the products or jewels to be returned or refunded or exchanged shall not exceed Rs. 5,00,000. Thangamayil shall not entertain accepting the jewels to be returned worth more than Rs.5,00,000. and shall consider any value more than the said value as Rs.5,00,000.
  • Customized jewels and Gold coins are not eligible for return shipping and shall be exchanged only at our showrooms.
  • For all transactions such as return, refund and exchange, price is determined by TMJL.
  • Products that shows any sign of wear, tear, alter or tamper shall not be eligible for return or refund.
  • All return or refund or money back shall be paid to the customer through cheque or internet banking with in 15 working days to the user’s purchased account after deducting whatever transaction charges that are involved.
  • In case of alteration of customized jewels, user shall bear whatever shipping (includes return shipping) and customizing or repairing charges involved.


In case the jewels bought needs repair, it has to be given in any of the showrooms of Thangamayil Jewellery. The customer must produce the invoice of the purchase along with certificate card issued. Customer must bear whatever the repair charges informed by Thangamayil.


Insurance is provided during the transit of every purchase. The insurance will be valid when the merchandise is dispatched and will be void the moment after delivery to the respective customer or beneficiary i.e., the insurance becomes void or cease once the receipt for delivery is acknowledged.

Shipping Policy

The management of Thangamayil is happy to provide Secured shipping to the customers for the purchased orders within the geographical boundary of India. The operations team and their associates strive in ensuring that the delivery is made accurately in perfect condition and on time. At present the delivery is available in selected towns\cities. However, on the demand of customer, with an additional shipping charges, shipment can be made for other cities or interior part of some cities. For some parts of the city, customer may have to visit the courier office to collect the shipments. Do confirm it with thangamayil.com. The user must provide the full name (as provided in proof), full address in detail, contact number of the recipient (user). The proof of recipient is verified with  government approved identity proof.

Delivery Schedule

Thangamayil aims to deliver the shipments in 7 to 21 working days, subject to the availability (Refer 'Product Availability' section) of the products in the showrooms or at warehouse or in the factory. There may be some delay which may take more than 7 to 21 working days to procure or to design. In such case, the situation will be informed to the customer. Delivery guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions of the shipping agent or the courier company. Any inaccuracy in the name or address or inconsistency of the recipient’s presence during delivery shall result in non delivery of the product. Estimated duration for delivery indicated in Terms and Conditions commence from the date of dispatch and are for guidance purpose only and may vary invariably. The order will be processed to shipping only after the credit\debit card number given/provided is approved by the bank.

Shipment Procedure

The shipment shall be delivered only to the specified delivery address confirmed by the user. Customers have the option of changing the delivery address any number of times before the order is processed for shipment. Once the shipment is processed, neither the specified receiver of the delivery nor the specified address for delivery shall be changed. Any number of products ordered for a single delivery address will be bundled together and shipped as single shipment.

In case of shipping the ’gifts’, the beneficiary must provide their proof of identification recognized as identification proof by the government of India. Signature of the recipient is considered as acknowledgment and for verification.

The support team of Thangamayil may contact you to confirm your address, availability etc before shipping the product. The shipment can be tracked by the customer by checking with the courier agent. We are not responsible for any delays caused by courier agencies and/or due to time required for statutory clearances during the delivery process.

Force Majeure

Any delay or failure in the delivery hereunder shall be excused and Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd is not responsible if and to the extent caused by the occurrence of a Force Majeure. For purposes of this Agreement, Force Majeure shall mean a cause or event that is not reasonably foreseeable or otherwise caused by or under the control of the Parties (includes Thangamayil.com and courier company) claiming Force Majeure, including acts of God, fires, floods, explosions, riots, wars, hurricane, sabotage terrorism, vandalism. accident, restraint of government, governmental acts or parliamentary restrictions, prohibitions, any enactments on import or export regulation or regulations on exchanges foreign as well as domestic, injunctions, or accidents or unavailability to transit, labour strikes, other than those of Seller, the Thangamayil Jewellery or its Courier agent, that prevent us from delivering the materials and other like events that are beyond the reasonable anticipation and control of the company affected thereby, despite such company's reasonable efforts to prevent, avoid, delay, or mitigate the effect of such acts, events or occurrences, and which events or the effects thereof are not attributable to a failure to deliver its obligations under this Agreement.

Return Shipments

If you suspect that the shipment delivered to you to be ’not in good condition’ or ’attempted for tampering’ or  if the package of shipment is  tampered, you shall refuse to acknowledge the receipt and return the same before accepting the shipped package.

In case, the authorized recipient is unavailable to receive and acknowledge the package, the courier agent may try to deliver twice after the first delivery as per their policy. If the recipient didn’t receive in all the three attempts, the package will be shipped back to the office of Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd. and all the cost incurred through the shipment shall be borne by the customer along with the handling charges. The customer shall also bear the shipping charges when shipped again. Refer 'Cancellation Terms' section if in case the customer cancels after the failed delivery.


Thangamayil Jewellery takes special care in the package of the user’s precious purchase. The jewels purchased are secured in a shock proof metal box, layered with durable and tamper proof seal along with the security tag from TMJL. Every packing is video covered for security reason. If user requests for special gift pack, thangamayil.com will gift wrap it along with the words you wish your recipient to receive.

Cancellation Terms

Users will be informed if their order is aborted or cancelled either partially or fully and shall request for additional information if required. Cancellation of order shall happen either by the customer or by the company.

Cancellation from Customer


Cancellation Before shipment

User can cancel the order for any genuine reason at any time before the shipment is made and for such case transaction charges shall not be refunded. Customized jewels shall not be entertained for cancellation before or after delivery.

Cancellation After Shipping

User may cancel the order while the product is already shipped. In such a case, the user may have to bear the transaction and shipping charges which the TMJL informs the user while cancelling.

Cancelled after order confirmation

To cancel an order you have to send cancellation notice via email only with the Order Id, and we reserve the right to accept or reject requests for order cancellations for any reason. As part of usual business practice, if we receive a cancellation notice and the order has not been processed / approved by us, we shall cancel the order and you will be refunded after deducting transaction charges from the total amount, to the same bank account through cheque or internet banking from where the payment was originally effected. The User agrees not to dispute the decision made by us and accepts our decision regarding the cancellation.

Cancellation by Company

Situation may occur that Thangamayil.com may not be able to accept an order and must cancel it. Thangamayil reserves sole discretionary right to refuse or cancel an order for any reason which the management believes appropriate. Few of the situations that leads to the cancellation of your order includes the unavailability of the product, problems identified by credit and fraudulence investigation or fraud avoidance department, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information etc,. If the order is cancelled by the company, after your credit\debit card is charged or if payment is processed through internet banking, the charged \paid amount will be refunded back to the same account. The cancellation of the order may be either the full order or a part of the order and the information about cancellation will be informed to the customer and if required shall clarify the required information.

Fraudulent Transactions


Thangamayil Jewellery reserves every right and shall reclaim the product cost, processing charges, shipping cost, legal expenses and other such cost from the user who is involved in a fraudulent transaction.

Legal Actions

Any user who breach the terms and condition or involve in any credit\debit card or internet banking scam or considered to violate any act considered as violation of Indian Contract Act, 1872 shall face the consequence legally under similar acts applicable. Legal proceedings shall be initiated against the user who is involved in such fraudulent transaction or any unlawful act,or breach or omit the terms and condition.

Privacy Policy

We understand that privacy is important to you so your privacy is a high priority to us and Thangamayil works to ensure that the users privacy is protected when using our service. Thangamayil.com has a policy setting out how the personal information of user is processed and protected. Users can visit our website to find the changes (if any) has been made to the user policy. Thangamayil Jewellery will not make any financial benefits or sell or lease the user information to any third party.

Information from User

Thangamayil follows the standard industry practices to maintain your personal information. We take responsibility in storing the personal data viz, Name, address, email address and phone number that you have willingly provided while registering the account with us or while placing order or during transaction or while subscribing newsletter or participating in any events or other promotions or while providing feedback. Thangamayil.com will not be getting any information regarding the financial transactions. Credit\debit card et banking details will be provided by the user only while using the Payment gateway.

Information to be Utilized

The information provided by the user will be used to fulfill our commitment to the user and to provide sufficient information from our side benefiting them and for verifying their order and to communicate with them for getting information. This also includes letting the user know the latest offers that we think may interest you (by analyzing your personal information). If the user at any point of time wishes not to receive any such messages they may contact the support team by email and let them know your interest and decision. We keep and use their personal information as long as the user is interested in letting us use it or for as long as required by the law.

Information Sharing

Thangamayil will never share any of their website users personal information to any other company for spam or mass mailing or for marketing purposes. Payments and other financial transactions on the website are processed by a third party, which normally adheres to a strict policy regarding confidentiality agreement which limit their use of such information and are bound to the terms and conditions of the third party’s  payment gateway process. However, details about financial transaction will never be stored or tracked by any of the system or software of Thangamayil.com. We have a non-disclosure agreement with this third party, and they are certified by all the major card issuers to hold details securely.

Duration of Information Stored

The personal details of the user shall remain with us as long as the user requires it to serve the purpose of the data to exist with us or as long as required under law. Users may officially inform the support team that their data shall not be used by the TMJL to communicate with them. We shall remove your personal data from communicating; however, it shall remain with us for any kind of legal verification as required by the government of India.

Security about contents

We take appropriate precautions to protect the security of Personally Identifiable Information. We encrypt certain sensitive information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure that your Personally Identifiable Information is safe as it is transmitted to us. However, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. Accordingly, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information that you transmit to us, so you do so at your own risk.
This Privacy Policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from you. Other websites that may be accessible through this Website have their own privacy policies and data collection, use and disclosure practices. If you link to any such website, we urge you review the website’s privacy policy. We are not responsible for the policies or practices of third parties website

Securities for Transaction

Securities for financial transactions are provided by the third party which can be checked on their terms and privacy policies. Thangamayil shall not involve in any of the financial transactions made by the user. Any loss or problems due to financial transactions shall be inquired to the third party who provides the payment gateway and not to Thangamayil. It is assumed that users are aware of the policies of using credit\debit card on-line or using internet banking while transacting with Thangamayil.

Law and Jurisdiction

This website and user agreement shall construe all applicable laws of India. We agree to use the Madurai jurisdiction and the courts of Madurai alone shall have exclusive jurisdiction on account of legal dispute. If any part of this website Disclaimer is found to be invalid by law, the rest of them remain valid and enforceable.

Modification Rights

Thangamayil.com reserves every right to change or modify any of these terms and conditions or any policy, guidelines of the website without any prior notification to the users at any time on its sole discretion. Any change or modification will be effective immediately upon posting in the website. The changes in the terms and condition may be emailed to the users and it is assumed that the mailed content was read by the user after it was sent. Your continued use of the website following the posting of its changes or modifications will constitute your acceptance of such changes or modifications. Therefore, you should frequently review these Terms and Conditions and any other applicable policies from time-to-time to understand the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the website. The next time when the user login to the website after the change in terms and conditions it shall be assumed that the user agrees for the change in terms and condition. If you don’t accept the modified user agreement, you may discontinue using the service.


Website Content

The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. Neither  Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd, nor its directors, members, employees, agents, any third party, data or content provider shall be liable in any way to you or to any other third party, firm or corporation without limitation whatsoever for any loss, liability, damage (whether direct, indirect, special or consequential), personal injury, risk of harm or expense of any nature whatsoever arising from any delays in operation, inaccuracies, mistakes, errors in, deletion of files or email, defects, viruses,  or any failure of performance, whether or not resulting from acts of God, communications failure, theft, destruction, or omission of any share price information ,or transmission thereof or for any actions taken in reliance thereon or occasioned thereby or by reason of non-performance or interruption, or termination thereof arising out of unauthorized access to the records, programs or services of the Thangamayil Jewellery Limited, or in any way connected with the use of our website, the products and services, or the content contained in or accessed through our website.

Financial Transaction

We as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on account of the cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time.

Links and external Materials

The website may contain links to other websites; these external websites are not under our control. We cannot be held responsible for such websites and cannot make any guarantees about them. We provide these links because we think they might interest you, but we do not monitor or endorse these other websites.

On Modification

We reserve the right to terminate or remove any of the services on website with immediate effect at any time, for example if there is a change in the law that limits our ability to provide the website.

Social Network

Thangamayil uses social network for communicating and interacting directly with their users and followers and shall use it to market or promote their products, ideas or for whatsoever that the management feels shall helps. Thangamayil shall not be responsible for any obscene, vulgar, pornographic content or security threatening or hatred contents or any such negative contents posted by any one/other social network users. Thangamayil reserves right over the user comments and feedbacks which they may or may not utilize and no one other than Thangamayil can decide in this regard.


Thangamayil shall not take responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered by ordering online or through freight transit for the purchased product, except as required by law, even if it is argued that we could have foreseen the loss or the possibility of it brought to our attention.

Maintenance of the Website

Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. However, THANGAMAYIL JEWELLERY LIMITED takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

On Disclaimer

This website disclaimer covers No warranties, Limitations of liability, Exceptions, Reasonableness, Other parties, and Unenforceable provisions

This website disclaimer is governed by the law of India and we both agree to use the Madurai jurisdiction if there is any dispute between us.  If any part of this website Disclaimer is found to be invalid by law, the rest of them remain valid and enforceable.

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