Scheme Payment method

Thangamayil, one of the largest jewellery retail chain of India is implementing a slew of gold saving schemes in the interest of welfare of the customers. While caring for the layman ensuring the payment process is simple, we also extend support for a variety of payment options - both online and offline.

Payment Methods

Direct Payment Method Online Payment Method
Payment at Thangamayil Showroom Payment through Thangamayil Website
Payment via Bank Transfer Account

Gold Saving Scheme Direct Payment Methods

You are welcome to join any scheme that interests you by walking in to any of our showrooms. The schemes namely My Gold and Smart Gold do not require any payment from your side as they deal with the old gold jewellery deposited by customers. All other schemes may involve a one time payment or few monthly installment payments .

We congratulate you on enrolling in the gold saving scheme(s), which continue to benefit several thousand customers. Thangamayil has greatly simplified the remittance of payments by holding out a wide range of payment options.

1. Showroom Payment

Just walk into any of our showrooms and pay the installment / one time payment via Credit / Debit card / Cheque (Post Dated Cheque or Current Dated Cheque). There are no transaction charges for the above mentioned modes of payment.

2. Payment through Vodafone Stores

You can visit any nearby vodafone store or mini store and make payment. Accepted modes are cash, credit and debit cards. No transaction charges apply. You need to provide the first 14 digits of your saving scheme code. You need not surf the net to locate your nearest vodafone store/mini store and can readily obtain this information from Thangamayil sales outlets or via a call to our toll free customer care number “18001230505”.

3. Payment via Bank Transfer Account-Direct Banking

An exclusive bank transfer account number(Virtual Account)shall be provided for each of the scheme you join, upon your request. You can transfer funds from your bank account to this virtual account.

You can receive this number, for free, either by approaching any of the branches of TMJL or by calling our toll free customer care number “18001230505”. Visit the home branch of bank where you hold your account. Ask for NEFT/RTGS Challan and fill it out using the below mentioned details:

Beneficiary A/c No.HTMLJLSSXXXXXXXX Eg. (HTMLJLSS00003799)

Beneficiary Name


Thangamayil Jewellery Limited

Bank Name



Saving Type


Current Account

Bank IFSC Code



Important note: Please do not use IMPS service to transfer funds.


What is the difference between post dated cheque and current dated cheque?

Here are some basic facts about cheques

  • It is mandatory to assign dates to cheques as undated ones are considered as invalid.
  • The validity period of the cheque is three months in India. It cannot be encashed by the receiver beyond this period.
  • Let us simply illustrate the difference between current dated cheque and post dated cheque with an example. Lets assume the current date to be 1.01.2018 and you are issuing a check to another party on this day. If you write the date on your cheque as 1.01.2018 it is termed as current dated cheque. Suppose you are presenting a cheque dated 15.01.2018 on the same day(1.01.2018), it is considered as a post dated cheque. The cheque will be encashable only on 15.01.2018 and afterwards. In this case, the cheque is referred to as post dated cheque.
  • Few account holders used to sign the cheques along with dates and sometimes, the date along with signature may be different than the date of the cheque and in this case, the banker has to go by the date of the cheque only and not the date of the cheque along with the signature.

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